Things That Used To Be Important

5 Years Ago (2012, age 27)
What to write for blog content
Whether or not to go to Vegas with a group of girls I'd (mostly) never met
Going to country night every single Thursday at Houndstooth
Moving apartments
A super dramatic 'friend' and her boy/career/family/everything drama of the moment
Cable TV

10 Years Ago (2007, age 22)
What to wear to graduation
Amassing a giant wardrobe full of Hawkeye gear
Planning a wedding (what on earth was I thinking)
The Super Bowl (Bears. We lost.)
Hand making costumes for every holiday and bar crawl
A draining ex boyfriend
Amassing a DVD collection
And a makeup collection

15 Years Ago (2002, age 17)
Whether to do newspaper or yearbook during senior year
Where to go to college
Trying to make a uniform not look like everyone else around me
Obsessing over what to wear on the weekends because I didn't have said uniform safety blanket
Figuring out how to sneak in without the dogs barking
What to do for winter dance/homecoming/prom/all the semi-formal high school events

All that to say, don't sweat... anything, really.  It's just not going to be that important forever and it'll all work itself out eventually.

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