Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

1. Prodyne Pitcher from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I half bought this on a whim, half needed.  I definitely wanted to get a pitcher because I have a lot of summertime cocktails that I like to make in pitchers so I can add fruit and things and put it in the fridge the evening before and let all the flavors meld together.  I searched at Bed, Bath, and Beyond namely because I had a gift card.  I didn't think we were a household that could handle the responsibility of a glass pitcher when alcohol is involved, sadly, and acrylic is a step up from lesser quality plastic and I knew it would last a long time.  So I ordered it online without much research and I have to say, it's suiting our needs perfectly.  It makes me happy that it can be dropped without issue (we haven't done it yet, not to worry!), it's a nice large size, it doesn't drip when I pour.  I like it.

2. Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries.  It's an obsession.  I'm only sorry that they clearly stand in the way of me being totally vegan but... I'm not that sorry.

3. Drew Lynch on YouTube.  If you don't know him, Drew Lynch is a comedian who has a stutter that he got after a softball accident, pretty late in life, I think he was 20?  It ended his acting career instantly but he turned to comedy and I'm glad he did.  He was on America's Got Talent but I just watch his YouTube channel.  His comedy is funny.  Yeah the parts are funny where he captions his stutter, but even without the stutter part of it he's just a hilarious guy.  The captions he puts over his service dog, Stella, in every video are the best, though.  I can't pick a favorite, just get started watching any video, you'll laugh.  If you do need a starting point though, his recent one on the unicorn frappuccino had me rolling.

Happy Thursday!

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