Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3.  I can't put my finger on exactly what it is about this show that I find so addicting, but I always binge watch the new seasons the day they come out.  Even though I like comedies, I wasn't sure I would be into this one based on the previews before the 1st season.  But I've watched it religiously ever since.  If you haven't, then catch up and enjoy season 3!  For a completely different kind of show, House of Cards season 5 is almost here (May 30), and Orange is the New Black comes back in June.  It's a good time to have a Netflix subscription.

2. Bamboo Nightgowns.  These are the most comfortable things to sleep in now that it's getting warmer.  Because I hate turning the air conditioning on.  They have a lot of versions on Amazon for different styles, I particularly like this one because of the straps.  It's super soft and comfortable, I'll definitely be getting another one in another color.

3. Florescent PerfumesGreen beauty perfumes can be hard to find, because companies can just say the ingredient is 'fragrance' and not have to disclose what that is, because it's considered a trade secret.  It could just be a blend of oils but it could have a whole host of other nasty ingredients.  So I tried to search out brands that will disclose what's in there and that also smell good.  The winner for me has been Florescent, after I was able to get some free samples off of Integrity Botanicals like I mentioned on a previous Three on Thursday post.  They have just 3 scents and you can get their trial kit for $15 for all 3.  Sundays is my favorite.  It's floral but not overwhelmingly slow, because I generally hate smelling like florals.  This is much more warm, I'm a fan.  Try them out if you're on a perfume hunt as well.

Happy Thursday!

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