7 Easy Cocktails You Must Try This Summer

You know I'm normally a winter lover and not a fan of summer at all.  But.  Summer cocktails are absolutely something I can get behind.  Fall and winter drinks are always warming and full of sweet, comforting flavors like vanilla or cinnamon.  Summer has none of those things, it's all about the bright citrus and berry flavors, which I'm actually a big fan of.  Here are some of my tried and true favorites for all your light, refreshing summer drink needs.  And none of them are complicated because who has the time or patience for muddling and 13 ingredients?  Not this girl.

1. Champagne Over Popsicles.  Alright, sparkling wine over ice pops, since it can only be called champagne if it's made in Champagne, France, and Popsicles is a trademarked name that only applies to their brand.  You know what I mean.  Pour something bubbly over something icy on a stick and enjoy.  All of the flavor, none of the effort.

2. Iced Peach Cocktail.  Peach is my favorite flavor for cocktails, although I'm never sure why because I don't even like to eat peaches.  But regardless, this is delicious, it's just all the peaches!  Peach vodka, peach liqueur, peach nectar.  Win.

3. Vodka and Elderflower Lemonade.  It really is as easy as it sounds by the name - vodka and elderflower liqueur, with lemonade.  A super light and refreshing summer drink.  If you've never had elderflower liqueur, this is a great way to try it because the other ingredients in here won't overpower it or clash with it.  It's like a fruity, citrusy kind of flavor, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it tastes like.  You'll enjoy it though.

4. Cake by the Ocean Cocktail Yes, I was admittedly sucked in just by the name.  But it's really easy to make just by adding coconut rum, cake vodka, orange juice and pineapple juice.  The measurements don't even need to be exact so you can tweak it to your liking.  The sprinkle rim and fruit garnishes are a fun touch, but totally not necessary if you're in a hurry.  Or feeling lazy.  No judgment.

5. Blackberry Vodka Tonic Given the sweetness of the other cocktails on this list, like the Cake one, I felt like I needed to include something decidedly not sweet for those of us avoiding the sugar crash.  For these tonics, you just infuse your own blackberries into vodka and add the tonic.  You do have to plan ahead as far as the infusing process goes, but for the record, blackberry vodka does exist on the shelves of liquor stores, if you're disinclined to wait.

6. Blushing Whiskey Cocktail Now technically, this is the blushing whiskey and lavender cocktail, because you're supposed to add lavender simple syrup.  I have never done that.  Because (a) too much effort and (b) I hate simple syrup in my cocktails because it's just way too much sugar.  Without it, this cocktail has honey whiskey, soda water, and ruby red grapefruit juice, so I find the addition of sugar just not necessary.  Try it without it, you're going to like this one, my fellow whiskey fans!

7. Okay this one takes a little more prep work but it looks so pretty that it just might be worth it - the Unicorn Adult Slushee from my friend Holly.  You can make colored (and obviously flavored!) vodka by soaking the vodka overnight in Jolly Ranchers.  By mixing each color with Sprite and then freezing them, you can make that awesome layered effect.

Also, this past weekend I packed purse alcohol (like I always do) and Tara and I stumbled upon Svedka flavored vodkas, particularly strawberry lemonade and pineapple mango.  I highly recommend them, they're delicious!  And only $11 or so.  So see?  I can do this summer thing.  For a tiny while.

What are your favorite summer cocktails?  Anything else I should try soon?

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