A Short Summer To Do List

These seasonal goals linkups are every 3 months and yet I somehow feel like I just wrote out my spring goals list, so 3 months passed for me in the blink of an eye.  Not sure how, but here we are and here's how I did with the spring session.  Spoiler: not good.

Spring Goals

1. Make Hawkeye an Easter basket.  My parents went to Florida over Easter so I pet sat for their dogs and all three musketeers got an Easter basket.
2. Plan a visit to the Botanical Gardens.  It's on my 101 list to go and Betsy's taking me as part of her Christmas gift to me.  We haven't gone yet, luckily I was smart enough to just say 'plan' this trip, not actually go.  Betsy is still waiting on dates on her end, but I sent her my list of when I can go, and I have a back up plan if she can't make it before September.  So I consider that planned.
3. Plan and book John's birthday party.  He turns 30 on July 5 and the way his schedule worked out best was to have the party on July 8.  The planning part is pretty much done, so the next two weeks is just execution.
4. Make alcoholic granita.  Easy and delicious.  It's literally as simple as mixing a good flavored vodka with ginger ale and letting it freeze for a couple hours, scrape it up with a fork, and eat. Yum.
? 5. Set up an annual home maintenance calendar.  I started this and meant to finish it before this link up, but I didn't.  It's almost there.
X 6. Get my next Invisalign tray.  HA.  I'm ridiculous.  This should have been an easy one but I didn't even consider it.  Well, that's not true - I considered it, and promptly ditched it.  Whoops?
X 7. Get halfway to my goal weight.  I have been working on it but not hardcore, and then I made the goal slightly lower, I don't know why, I like to punish myself I guess!  I pushed this one on to summer goals, I WILL make it.
X 8. Schedule Mom's birthday dinner.  Haven't set this up yet.  Her birthday is in January but she hates the cold and everything she wanted to do was warm weather activities. But with Mother's Day and Father's Day and then John's birthday, we just haven't set up a dinner or anything for her half birthday in July.  But I will!
9. Check one 'go to' place off the 101 list.  We went to the Shedd Aquarium back in April.
X 10. Go to country night with Megan.  We haven't had time!  She works crazy hours and while we did hang out (we set up her blog, we decluttered her apartment, we saw our friends' band at a street fest), we just didn't make it to country night at a bar.  But we will definitely do it soon.

Woof.  Only 50%.  I told you I'm so much less productive in spring and summer.  I just don't have the same sort of motivation that I do in fall and winter.  Although I do think if I had just one more month for these, I could have made a little more progress.  Ah well.  On to summer goals!

Summer Goals

Like spring, summer is particularly hard for me when it comes to being productive.  I still wanted to do 10 goals because I really, really like the evenness of the number.  But I wanted a good balance of easy goals with some more time consuming things that have been nagging me (re-organize my Bloglovin/Feedly readers), so I could be productive but still get some quick and fun things done.  Now, to be totally honest, I thought I had done that with my spring goals so....

Wish me luck!  What are your goals this season?

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