Friday, June 23, 2017

Childhood Home Tour

I gave you the tour of our own home, and I've glossed over my parents' place a few times through pictures, but since I was pet sitting their two dogs on Wednesday (our house is a mere 2.5 miles from my parents), I thought it would be a great opportunity to just pick up the camera and do a complete walk through like I did with our house.   

My parents still live in the same house I grew up in.  They bought this house in 1980 and I wasn't born until 1984, so it's the only place I ever lived until I went to college.  And besides the lack of an actual bed in my old bedroom, very little has changed over the years.  I find that comforting.  My mom currently has big plans to redo the kitchen soon, knocking out walls and re-configuring doors and everything, so I wanted to capture this on video before it changes.  Even though I loathe the wallpaper in the kitchen (you'll see the little trees I used to count while I was on timeout starring at that wallpaper), I still want to keep the memory of it.  I figured this was something you might like to see as well, so here it is!  It's not the best quality since it's just an iPhone video, but I'm sure you don't care about that.

Just so you're prepared, this video is dog overload.  Enjoy.  I actually muted the video I took and did a voice over instead, just because of all the dog barking in the background.  Oh and don't be fooled by clean surfaces, my mother is a master clutter hider.  We're working on it.  Watch below or, if you're super early and don't see anything below yet, you can watch directly on YouTube here.

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