Ever Considered a Move to Los Angeles?

Today I have Lauren here to share a little about life in Los Angeles!  If you're missing me today, check out my post over on Lauren's blog about how to organize your bathroom cabinets and drawers.  I hope it helps!
hi everyone! i'm lauren! steph is kind enough to let me allow me to guest post on her blog now and again and i am so happy to be here today! i live in los angeles, trying my hardest to be television screenwriter.  i work at dc comics in their publishing department and put out a lot of comic books! i wanted to share with you today what it is really like to live in one of the best, largest and most fun cities in the world, los angeles!

if you live in the valley, people who live on the other side of hollywood hills probably won't consider that you live in los angeles.  sometimes people say "do you live in los angeles or do you live in the valley?"  there are the hollywood hills that separate "los angeles" from "the valley".  the valley is where universal studios is, where warner bros. studios is (where i work), studio city, and van nuys (where i live.) you have to cross through or over the hills to get to santa monica or to the beach.  the hollywood sign is in the valley but father north.  the hollywood hills is not where the hollywood hills are.  "the valley" is the san fernando valley. #geography.  and sometimes you get made fun of living in the valley because it can be kind of trashy.  i don't care.  its cheap and its close to work. 

it is much hotter in the valley than it is over the hill. because of the ocean.  the ocean cools everything down but the hill blocks the ocean's cool breeze so its like a hot cooker of heat.  then you go over the hill and the temperature drops several degrees.  as i am writing this it is 109 and my poor little wall ac unit is no match for the outside heat.  

its true that most of the people you meet are in the entertainment industry. it is so funny to me that when i tell people who aren't in the business that i moved here to be a screenwriter, they act so surprised and say "oh so and so is an ____ or a ____" like its like "what a small world that you both are in the same industry! what are in the odds in LA! who'd thunk.  but that is how you network because everyone is in the business so then i usually respond with "can i get their info?" i'm annoying.  but very good at networking. i go to a lot of events.  but that is another post for another time that you can check out on my blog. 

carry cash everywhere.  i never, ever carried cash before but here, its a necessity.  where i am from, utah, you never ever need cash.  you can pay with a card for everything. valets, restaurants, you name it.  but in LA, there are valets everywhere and they don't take cards.  there are valets even at the grocery store.  its super inconvenient.   if you have no cash, you have to leave your id with them, go a gas station, get change and then come back. its very annoying and is best to just carry cash at all times to avoid this problem.  same with when you go to eat.  they usually don't take cards.  and get this.  when you go to the doctor, they don't take cards either.  how weird is that?  i was shocked when i went to my doctor and he said he would only take cash or check.  weird. 

 photo california_zpssmsndliy.png

take advantage of tapings. the great thing about living in los angeles is that you can be in the live studio audience of so many tapings! i wrote a post about how to get to go to tapings here.  it really is so much fun but can be tricky because the talk shows, for instance, are in the middle of the day, so you have to skip work to go.  and you have to actually tell work what you're doing in case you're on tv and they see it and so they aren't like "wait you weren't at the doctor.  is jimmy kimmel your doctor?" there are so many tapings to go to, but it does get old fast.  and tiring.  you are expected to scream and jump up and down for talk shows and you lose your voice and it can be really exhausting. 

you aren't going to go to the beach as much as you think you will.  we have been here five months and have yet to have a good beach day.  true, we moved here in january so it hasn't really been beach season until now, but we only have gone three times.  once to santa monica when we first got here so i could show my husband the pier and another to venice beach because i always wanted to check it out (really didn't like it) and another time on my birthday because i wanted to have cake by the ocean just like in the song (much better in theory.  that cake got really sandy really fast.)

there is no shortage of amazing things to do here at any given moment.  this is more of a broader observation from moving to one of the largest cities in america from utah. in utah my husband and i stayed in a lot because there wasn't much to do.  but here there are so many adventures to be had! each saturday we usually go to some new attraction or i take him to one my favorite spots in LA.  i lived here for a semester in college for an internship six years ago so when we moved here i was already in love with this city of stars.  there is so much to do and we take every advantage of living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

thanks to steph for letting me on the blog today and thanks for reading! you can find me on  at my blog, on instagram, twitter and pinterest

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