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Blogging is work.  Some days it leans mostly towards the 'fun hobby' side of things, but there is always work involved, no doubt about that.  There's work involved in anything you choose to actively spend your time on.  And I like seeing some sort of benefit come from that, I think you can understand that.  So let me just get really, really honest here for a minute and tell you exactly how you can help me with that.

Links and Amazon
When I link to products, it's generally through Amazon but sometimes it's random.  I make a tiny percentage (like, maybe a penny) when you click those links.  It's not a price increase for you, it's just like a tiny reward for me for sharing things.  Those add up!  I also have an Amazon affiliate program thing set up.  If you click one of my Amazon links and then shop and check out, I get a little percentage based on what you buy.  So even if you're not buying what I recommend, if you click through to Amazon from a link of mine, which are programmed to be at the bottom of every post, and then buy toilet paper or new shoes, I get a (again, tiny) percentage.  It's a really easy way to help me out, because it doesn't cost you anything extra.

In case you're now wondering where that money goes, I don't make a profit from blogging.  For the record.  I do record everything I make and since I don't want to pay taxes on a single dime of it, I use the money to pay for things like my domain name and little blog-keeping things like that, and the rest gets donated to the animal shelter where I got Hawkeye from.  Once it's more consistent each month, I plan on sponsoring a tiger.

I do like working with brands on certain things that I enjoy, but I know that people generally dislike those 'sponsored posts,' as they're called.  The more you click the links I have, the less sponsored posts I really consider.  Everyone wins, right?

In the signature at the end of this post, I have all the different ways to follow this blog, whether it's by subscribing to the posts on Bloglovin or choosing any of the social media options.  Numbers matter when someone wants to advertise or work with me, so seeing those trending upwards is a big help.  Personally, I think interaction and engagement are better indicators of a potentially receptive audience, but the marketing world doesn't yet agree.  So even though, percentage-wise, my audience (you!) is highly engaged (i.e. lots of comments, 'likes', personal e-mails, etc. thanks for that by the way), what matters to them is the follower count.  Also, if you follow on Bloglovin, hitting the little heart under each post also helps a lot.

There's a fine line between 'I do what I want' and 'but I still want people to read it.'  Obviously I write about things I like and know but I also want the posts to be generally helpful and/or entertaining.  I can sort of tell which posts meet those standards better than others just based on comments and views, but it's not very accurate.  Not as accurate as just asking you what you like and don't like, that is.

So you can take the survey below to leave me your feedback.  And keep scrolling to find out how you can win $25 to Amazon.

Hopefully you're able to see the survey above, but since I'm not sure how it'll work across all devices, you can also access it here.

The survey is totally anonymous, there's no tracking or anything, or a place for your name.  So if you want to win $25 to Amazon, leave me a comment here letting me know you completed the survey!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You can also join me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In addition to minimalism and organizing, I love all things 'real life' so use the hashtag #notentirelyperfect on social media so I can see your beautifully unstaged life.  On the top of the side bar to your right, you can follow me on Bloglovin or subscribe via e-mail to be alerted to each new post.

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