Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Keeping Up With Life Part 1

Finally time for that 'keeping up with life' post I promised a couple of weeks ago!  I meant to post one last week, that was my intention when I originally decided to tackle this, but Tara had been in town that weekend so it was anything but normal.  Instead, I started tracking my days on Saturday, June 17.  This particular post is going to be in two parts, with the second half coming tomorrow.  I typed it up altogether as one but it was so long, it had to be split.  I do plan on doing another one of these at least, just to give you more ideas because the next will be more traditional and have more meal ideas, and that won't be nearly this length.  This first go-around just had a lot of background explaining that had to happen, but won't be needed in the future.

So let's do this day by day, alright?

Saturday, June 17
I felt like this was a good day to start with because we had the cleaning lady from 8 a.m. to noon today.  I consider this like a 'house reset' time, because everything gets done.  Although I keep up with daily cleaning tasks, having the help once a month tasks the bigger, tedious deep cleaning tasks off my to do list - like baseboards, windows, that sort of stuff.  Plus it's nice to just get an overall deeper clean on everything I quickly take care of during the weeks.  We didn't wake up long before she got there, maybe only 7:30 or so.  Made sure everything was ready for her to get started, like moving the cleaning supplies into the bathroom she starts in.  Once she got there, I took Hawkeye and walked down to Dunkin Donuts for coffees and a breakfast sandwich for John, and stopped at the ATM to get cash out.  The cleaning lady costs $80 and it's definitely worth every penny to me.

Of course, we can't just sit around and do nothing while she works, so we both did a ton of housework in that timeframe as well.  John did a lot outside, like weeding, washing windows, cleaning out trash cans, and I did inside work like almost all of the laundry (didn't make it to the sheets or one load of delicates), cleaning out the fridge and freezer and making sure areas are organized and decluttered.  After she left, John grilled a quick lunch for himself and I had some leftovers of some pasta dish I made earlier in the week.  After that we both napped for a solid 2 hours, we were so tired. The rest of the evening was relaxing, we ended up ordering in food and lounged on the couch watching Netflix.  We know we had an early morning on Sunday so we tried not to stay up too late and managed to fall asleep by 11.

Sunday, June 18
We all woke up at 7:20 and jumped out the door right away - John to head to church with his family, me and Hawkeye to meet my mom and her dog Joey on the jogging trail between our houses.  We caught up with them just before 8 and went back to their house.  From there, my mom and I went to get coffee at Starbucks and then ventured to the grocery store.  Mostly for things for her, but I got a couple of things for myself.  The best part of shopping with my mom?  She pays!  I dropped her and her groceries at their house, where Hawkeye was still playing with Joey, and decided to just drive her car back to my house to get dressed and ready for dinner later.  I think I was back to my house by 11:30, noon.  John was home by then and he had already picked up some things at the grocery store for the week.  We had leftovers for lunch and I put groceries away and cleaned up the kitchen.

I prepped my lunches for the week - Greek salad.  When I was shopping with my mom I picked up cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, and hummus.  I chopped everything and spread it out between my 5 lunch containers.  My parents buy a large container of the salad dressing whenever they eat at the nearby Greek restaurant, so I put some of that in a small container while I was at their house, and I'll just bring it with to work add each day.  I also prepped a couple of my dinners for the week - quinoa, black beans, and homemade salsa from my dad.  I plan on adding avocado throughout the week.

Then I showered and got ready to head back out.  Left my house at about 3:45 to go to dinner for Father's Day.  Met my parents back at their house and we met up with my friend Ida at an Indian restaurant for dinner.  That lasted until about 7, and then we came home, picked up Hawkeye, and I was home by 7:45, just in time to record and upload a podcast with Tara.  John was already asleep!  As soon as that was done I changed into pjs and got ready for bed (taking off makeup, taking vitamins, brushing teeth, all that), and was out by 9:30, 10ish.

Monday, June 19
John's at the firehouse today.  That means he eats a quick breakfast at home and is out the door by 5:30, and then is gone for 24 hours - i.e., I don't worry about lunch and dinner for him.  I don't get out of bed quite as early as he does, since he showers and eats first, but once he starts getting dressed I'm up for the day because Hawkeye starts freaking out.  She hates when he leaves, and I can't sleep through the barking.  Since it's already light outside by 5:30, I put my contacts in, throw some sweatpants on and take her for a quick walk up and down the block to work out some energy.  When I get back, I have until 7:15 to get all my morning stuff done before I have to leave for work.  I shower at night so morning routine time = make the bed (sometimes.), exercise (either treadmill or walking Hawkeye longer, today it was too hot to walk her longer so treadmill it is), make coffee, drink coffee while doing my makeup and watching something on YouTube (if you'd like a post on the people I love and subscribe to on YouTube, let me know!), and then doing something easy with my hair - today a side fishtail braid - throwing on deodorant, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, and leaving Hawkeye with a duck jerky treat.  On Mondays, I also grab my lunches for the week to put into the fridge at the office.  I take a bus to a train, train to work, and it takes about 45 minutes.  During that time I listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, glance over emails, stuff like that.  I used to respond to blog comments but it makes me nauseous.  I still get car sick too, I'm a child.

I'm at the office from 8 until 4:45 p.m.  From 8 to 9 I kind of just chill out and use that time to respond to comments and read other blogs.  During the work day, I tend to work for 50 or 55 minutes, then break for 5 or 10, and then take an hour or so for lunch at 1.  During breaks I get up and move around, refill my water, and write and edit blog posts, just to stay on top of things.  And during lunch I usually meet up with my law school friend Julie and we walk around the city to get exercise and sun.

The commute home is about the same, 45 minutes, though sometimes longer since the bus towards home is unreliable.  As soon as I get home, which today was 5:30 almost exactly, I grab Hawkeye's leash and take her for a walk, because if I don't do it immediately, it won't happen.  When we get back, I change into comfy clothes.  For dinner today I portion out some of what I prepped yesterday - quinoa, black beans, some salsa, and avocado.  I watch something while I eat, and today it was yet another episode of Tiny House Nation.  I'm super productive when John isn't home, so I also washed the sheets I didn't get to on Sunday and remade the bed, did two additional loads of laundry (start to finish, all put away and everything!), loaded, ran, and unloaded the dishwasher, picked up the basement entertainment area, took the trash out, wiped down John's bathroom, took and uploaded the photos for my blog post about my makeup collection, showered which today included washing and drying my hair (FOR.EV.ER.), wiped down and picked up my bathroom when I was done, and then painted my toenails on a whim.  All by 9:00 p.m.  I let Hawkeye out in the yard one last time and then we get in bed to relax and watch something on my laptop before falling asleep by 10.

Tuesday, June 20
Any day John works the firehouse that is followed by a week day, he goes straight to his other job without stopping at home.  Although the firehouse is a full time job, it's a pay cut for a few years until John gets some raises.  And since there's quite a bit of downtime between fire shifts, he's able to still work the job he had before the academy, which is pipe heating and frost insulation with Local 17.  He's planning on working both jobs until our mortgage is paid off and all the major house renovations we want to do are completed.

For me, the morning routine is the same but I don't get up until 6, which gives me just over an hour to do all the same things I mentioned I did on Monday.  My work day was also the same, though we did have a trial going on so I ran back and forth between the courthouse and the office quite a few times today.

I got home quickly today, about 5:25, and immediately took Hawkeye for a walk.  Once we got back home I took off my makeup and took a quick shower without washing my hair and changed into comfy clothes.  John and I did pretty much nothing but hangout tonight, because I knew, as you'll see, that I wouldn't see him until Friday evening.  I had some of my quinoa and beans I made Sunday, and he had baked himself some chicken before I got home, and we ate sitting on the couch watching episodes of Forged in Fire and betting who the winner will be.  Hawkeye always guesses right.  He ran a load of laundry with his fire stuff, but otherwise we didn't do much of anything. Put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to bed about 9.

Wednesday, June 21
Today's morning was different because I had to take my parents to the airport.  We had a family friend pass away so they went to the funeral in Kentucky today.  I woke up when John left, about 5:15, did my usual morning routine with a shorter walk for Hawkeye and no other exercise for me, and then took an Uber, with Hawkeye, to my parents house at 6:15.  I fed their 2 dogs and Hawkeye and packed my parents' suitcase (they are disorganized over packers, like come on it was one day guys), and we left by 7 and got to the airport by 7:20.  Technically I spent money on the Uber (like $9, my parents are 3 miles away), but my mom sneakily slipped $60 into my purse while I was driving them to the airport, so that was a wash.  After dropping them off, I drove my mom's car back to my house, and took my usual way to work.  I got to the office at 8:45, instead of 8:00.

Typical work day and took the usual route home and got to my house at 5:40.  Since my parents aren't returning until tomorrow afternoon, I'm staying at their house with all 3 dogs.  I didn't take anything this morning except Hawkeye, so I change into comfy clothes and grab a couple of essentials, like my contact case, toothbrush and toothpaste, my laptop and phone charger.  John was home and playing video games with his brother Eric, and they had plans to order pizza so I didn't need to worry about dinner for them.

I drove my mom's car back to their house by 6, let the dogs out in the yard, and fed them dinner.  I ate a quick dinner myself; my mom always leaves me food when I pet sit, and this time it was my favorite chickpea soup from the Greek restaurant, along with some vegetarian Indian curry my dad had made, and quinoa.  From there, the night was filled with the following tasks: walking the dogs, including Brody in his stroller, filming the house tour video you saw on Friday, putting various parking stickers onto the windshields of both my parents' cars because apparently it's that time of year (what do I know, I don't have a car), emptying the dehumidifier, removing makeup and showering without washing my hair, taking some required online courses for my dad (they're bullshit time wasters), letting the dogs in and out of the backyard 73 times, and cleaning the kitchen because I'm pretty sure my mom's favorite part of me staying over is that the kitchen is always clean because I cannot stand dishes in the sink like she can.  We were in bed watching Animal Planet by 9.

Part 2 (Thursday - Sunday) coming tomorrow!

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