Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Keeping Up With Life Part 2

This post is a continuation of yesterday's, so if you haven't read that yet, I would start there.  It'll make much more sense that way!

Thursday, June 22
I woke up 5:30 to let the dogs out and get them fed.  We went for a quick walk, and then I packed up my couple of things and Hawkeye and took an Uber back to my house (again, a $9 expense I consider a wash.)  My parents get in at 12:30 or so today, but I'm not picking them up so I figured it was easiest to just go home in the morning.  We got home and I finished the rest of my morning routine by 7:15, minus any additional exercise.  Hashtag lazy.  John had already left for work by the time we got there - the fire schedule is 1 day on, 2 days off, so John's back there today.  I got to work at 8 again and had a pretty typical day.

I got home about 5:30 and went on a quick walk with Hawkeye.  It was warm today and super humid, even at 5:30 in the evening, and she hates that kind of weather, so it was short.  When we got back I heated up some dinner (back to the quinoa and beans I made Sunday) and immediately stitched together Friday's video because I know the upload to YouTube process takes hours and hours so I wanted to get that started right away.  Then I showered and washed and dried my hair - I make note here of when I do and don't because it's a really long and complicated process, something I'll talk more about later this week or next.  You'll notice I only do it on the days John's at the firehouse, because I can take my time and also not take away from the limited time we do have together.  I also rounded up some dirty clothes in John's bathroom and my hamper and washed and dried one load of laundry but totally left it in the dryer, ran the dishwasher and put the dishes away, and cleaned up in the basement from John and Eric's antics the previous night.  I also quick cleaned both bathrooms, which means I put some cleaner in the toilets and scrubbed with the brush, sprayed some all purpose cleaner on the mirrors, sinks, counters, and shower walls and wiped it all down with the microfiber towels.  Takes barely any time.  While I took my vitamins I remember to cut up the pineapple sitting on the counter.  It was ready yet when I bought it on Sunday, but it was this evening so I chopped that up and stuck the cutting board and knife in the dishwasher.  I let the robot vacuum run downstairs while Hawkeye and I got in bed by 9:30 or so, and we were out by 10.

Friday, June 23
Again John went straight from the firehouse to his second job so Hawkeye and I got up about 6 and did the usual morning routine.  It was cool out, not quite 70, so we did a long walk today. John's not working tomorrow, which isn't always a given because sometimes his second job offers Saturday shifts, and he makes $76 an hour on Saturdays so he takes them.  But there's nothing for tomorrow so we get a date night in, which is nice because although I saw him for 3 minutes on Wednesday, we haven't actually spent time together since Tuesday night.  I got off early today, about 2:15, which was awesome.  I met John and Hawkeye at the bar down the street from our house and we had a couple of cocktails there before going over to his parents' house to hang out on the patio.  After that we dropped Hawkeye at home and had dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  Before bed, I made sure to put all the dishes in the dishwasher and get that started, so I would be able to have everything clean and ready for use tomorrow.

Saturday, June 24
John and his brother booked at 5:56 a.m. tee time for golf today, can you believe it?  No thank you.  Hawkeye and I stayed in bed and finally got up around 8:30 - needed our beauty rest!  We took a 20 minute walk and then John brought me home some nice iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and we had coffee and breakfast (for him, I hate breakfast) while we made a grocery list.  I wanted to shop today since I could stock up on some things and be able to drive his car.  I can't stock up when I'm walking, it's too much to carry.  I took a quick shower without washing my hair, threw a dress on (no makeup), started a load of towels in the washing machine, and left for the grocery at 11:20.  I was home by noon.  It's close and I'm a quick shopper.

Okay let me talk food prep for the week ahead real quick.  First up, let's get the easiest thing out of the way: I decide what I want for lunch for the week.  Not breakfast, because I don't eat breakfast, eating before at least 11 makes me nauseous and always has.  I only have black coffee in the morning.  So back to lunch - I make one big batch of whatever I pick and portion that out for each week day.  It's the easiest way for me to eat healthy and cheaply and I'm totally a child in that I could eat the same meal every day for a month and not be tired of it.  I've just embraced it!  Last week, I did Greek salad and this coming week I decided on something similar, a Greek orzo pasta salad, because I still had Greek dressing, orzo pasta, onion, and olives to use up.  I bought cucumbers, tomatoes, and chick peas to add to that.  Along with that, or for a snack, whatever I decide, I picked up hummus and baby carrots, and I also plan on finishing off the bag of Beanitos chips I have.

The next easiest thing to plan is breakfast for John.  Even though he occasionally goes straight from the firehouse to his other job in the mornings, it's not often enough that I worry about making too many breakfast options and having food go to waste.  Because John is equally as easy for breakfast as I am for lunch.  I'm able to make breakfast sandwiches and freeze them, and he reheats them quickly in the mornings in the microwave.  It's simple: some sort of bread (bagels, English muffins, tortilla), some sort of meat (sausage, bacon), and scrambled eggs.  He doesn't like to add any veggies or cheese.  Usually makes 6, because that's how many bagels and English muffins come in a pack.  This week, it's bagels, bacon, and eggs.  We already still had some bacon and eggs from what he had picked up the weekend before, so I just got bagels.

For the rest of the meals for the week: looking at the calendar, I can see John works at the firehouse on Wednesday and Saturday.  I can also see that Friday night we're going to a concert and his parents always bring tons of food, and Sunday is the family 4th of July party.  This leaves 3 days to plan dinner for, and 4 lunches for John.  We already have chicken in the freezer, so I plan on just getting that cooked up tomorrow and John will season it as he eats it for lunch throughout the week with teriyaki sauce or barbecue sauce.  That's pretty much all he wants for lunch, he likes the protein.  We do have frozen veggies, and I also picked Greek yogurt and some berries.  My mom already called and said she got us strawberries, and most of the pineapple I cut up on Thursday is still in the fridge, so I end up just picking up some blackberries that were on sale.  And bananas, because they'll always get eaten by someone.

For dinners, I picked up extra cucumbers for me because I know I have tomato juice and I love gazpacho soup in the summer.  I know John is going to want to grill at least one day, he loves doing that, but meat-wise I should probably plan for two days.  Checking the stocks of what we already have, I also notice we have everything for tacos except ground beef or turkey (I leave the meat off mine of course) and ribs in the freezer and most of the ingredients for homemade barbecue sauce.  I ended up buying 4 hamburger patties, ground beef, and a pack of hot dogs, as well as condiments and buns for those things and the rest of the ingredients to make a sauce for the ribs.  Whatever we don't use can be saved for the next week.  For myself, I picked up vegetables for John to grill in a foil pack with some olive oil and seasoning when he grills his meat: eggplant, onion, asparagus, potato, and zucchini.  I have beans for my tacos, if we do those, but I also need more protein so I plan on making a bean salad with quinoa while I'm with my mom tomorrow.

I ended up spending just over $97.  It was a little high, but there were some stock up items, like 2 huge containers of ketchup, ingredients for homemade barbecue sauce which last multiple uses, and the energy drinks John likes (gross.)

Anyway, I got back right when John's brother was coming back over to play video games, and he helped me carry the groceries in.  I unpacked all the groceries and had a quick lunch of my leftover Mexican food from last night.  Threw the towels in the dryer and started another load of clothes.  Then I started the meal prep for the week.  I put away anything that wasn't getting cooked (ketchup to the cabinet, meat to the freezer, etc.) and then worked on the following: frying the bacon, toasting the bagels, and scrambling the eggs for John's breakfast sandwiches.  I assembled those and froze them individually.  Then: cooking the orzo pasta, chopping the veggies and olives, and adding everything together for the lunch pasta salad, which got divided into my 5 lunch containers.  Everything else got put away - I'm not sure what day we'll make which foods yet, so I don't need to prep any meat or anything else until we decide.  I cleaned up the kitchen, took the trash out, and finished that by 2.  I moved the laundry into the dryer and watched Netflix for the next hour while I worked on blog posts. Just around 3:30 I decided to make chocolate peanut butter fudge for John to take with to work tomorrow.  It's a super quick dessert to make up, I was done in 15 minutes, kitchen cleaned up and all.  So I went right back to relaxing on the couch and working on blog posts, like this one.

At about 5, Eric left and John decided to start grilling dinner.  We started a bad Nicolas Cage movie (my favorite kind) while we ate and paused it about 6.  John threw his fire uniform in the wash and shaved and showered while I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner - emptying the now clean dishwasher I ran earlier, put things in the fridge, put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and ran it since it was almost full.  I also cut up the fudge so we could have a couple pieces for dessert before packing the rest up for him to take to work tomorrow.  We went back to the movie about 20 minutes later, and John fell asleep about 7:30, 7:40.  I moved his uniform to the dryer and brought the clean laundry upstairs and folded everything and put it all away while talking to my dad on the phone and watching Netflix, until about 8:15.  I got ready for bed myself (taking vitamins, taking out my contacts, etc.) and was in bed about 8:40.  I watched old episodes of Cesar Millan and fell asleep around 10.

Sunday, June 25
John's at the firehouse today so he leaves at about 5:30.  Hawkeye and I slept in until 7:00 and then got up and made coffee, made the bed, and emptied the dishwasher.  While the weather cooperates, I meet up with my parents on Sundays, on the jogging trail that runs between our houses.  After making sure everything is up off the floor that can be, I moved the robot vacuum upstairs and set that to run while we were gone.  Hawkeye and I left around 8, meeting them by 8:30, and then we walk with them (my parents and their two dogs) back towards their house.  It's 2.5 miles total, about the max Hawkeye is ever up for.  I made the bean salad I mentioned with my mom and finished out the online test things my dad needed to get done.  My mom drove us back home by 11, sending me home with leftover navy bean soap and homemade pesto sauce.

My mom also bought us a massive amount of strawberries so I put the food away and spent the next 15 minutes washing and chopping strawberries.  Once that was done I recorded and uploaded a podcast with Tara, which we finished around noon, and then I made lunch - some leftover pasta with homemade pesto my dad gave me.  Beyond that, Sunday is generally my day to get stuff done around the house.  So it's kind of my absolute favorite when John's on shift at the firehouse on a Sunday.  Sure I miss him but let's get real - I get so much done!  But a lot of the things I usually do on Sundays I was able to finish yesterday while he was busy with Eric, so I had a shorter task list today.  Starting at around 12:45, I did a load of laundry, plus the sheets and remade the bed, cleaned the kitchen, took the trash and recycling out, mopped the floors, showered and washed my hair, wiped down both bathrooms, and did some prep work on the ribs that I plan on making for John tomorrow, and worked on a whole bunch of blog related tasks, including writing posts.  Dinner ended up being a mish mosh of things like leftover bean chips, hummus, some cucumber, and soup.  My parents did a surprise stop by because after I left earlier, my dad decided to make homemade spaghetti sauce.  He dropped off a container of that along with some meatballs they had picked up at an Italian restaurant.  So now we have another dinner option this week, as long as I got get a box of pasta and some garlic bread.  I was in bed around 9, just watched some bad movie about floods and the end of the world and was asleep by 10.

And here we are, finishing typing this up on Monday morning, for posting on Tuesday.  So, let me know in the comments if you like this style of post and if it was at all interesting or helpful.  For the record, if I do more posts like this in the future, they won't be quite as long because I won't need to be explaining how John's schedule works every time, or details about my morning routine.  It'll be mostly about my cleaning schedule, meal plans, and finances.

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