[Not So] Big Blog Plans

Last Friday I asked for your feedback in the form of a quick survey, and I greatly appreciate all the responses I got.  The survey is still open so if you want to take it you can, and I'm picking a winner for the $25 to Amazon by 3 p.m. central time today.  (Check last week's post if you want to know how to win.)

Most of the answers I got were kind of what I expected, as far as what you like to see and what you want to read more about.  Everyone seems to be in consensus in enjoying the real life posts and general dry humor around here, and in wanting to hear more about different aspects of organization.  'Home organizational systems' is probably the best way I can broadly describe it.  I'll definitely try to incorporate more of that in, it is what I'm very good at after all.  I have some plans on this front but nothing concrete, things are still swirling around, but once I figure it out I'll be sure to give you an update.

One thing kept coming up in the survey answers about what else you'd like to see here did sort of surprise me though, because I didn't think it would be super interesting to anyone else: how I personally 'keep up with life.'  I mean, that's basically what it all boiled down to (although, one answer did actually state those words, 'keep up with life,' a phrase I really like so thanks, whoever that was!), but there were quite a few requests for things like meal planning, decluttering and cleaning routines, things of that nature, which are all part of my 'keeping up with life' routine.  You want to know how I stay on top of everything while I still work a full time job outside of the house.  I'm thinking that the best way to blog about those things would just be to have a sort of recap of my entire week and weekend routine, broken down by time frames, posted on Mondays.  And include a financial recap with that as well.

Probably won't be starting that this coming Monday though, because Tara is coming into town this evening and we'll be day drinking tomorrow and Sunday I'll just be hungover and totally unproductive, let's be honest.  But starting next week, I think I'll try to track what I do each day and how long it takes, including what sort of food and plans I make on the weekends to get set up for the next week, and share all of that on Monday, June 19.  Then I'll get your feedback and see if it's something that's actually interesting and helpful.  It's the best way I can think of to show how everything all sort of works together with my various systems, so hopefully the posts come across how I'm currently dreaming them up in my head.

Kind of how I feel every summer - lots of thinking of things, very little motivation for follow through.  I did manage to update the look of my blog, which was totally unnecessary but a fun way to procrastinate the things I actually should be doing.  I'm a master of that sort of thing.

Have a great weekend!

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