Summer Binge Watch Recommendations

I know, I know, summer is about getting outside and trying to enjoy the weather.  But I really don't like summer and being hot so I understand the need to just stay indoors sometimes.  I mean, a Netflix or Hulu binge watch weekend is just as good in July as it is in January, isn't it?!  Here's some that I definitely recommend adding to your list this season.

Orange is the New Black.  The newest season is out, time to binge!

Young and Hungry.  4 seasons are available on Netflix, and it's a cute and funny little show.  You'll fly through it.  I originally started watching it because I wanted to see the actress in something other than Hannah Montana but I kept watching because it's actually pretty funny.  She's a struggling chef who lands a job being a personal chef for a young guy who got rich off technology stuff.  And she's in love with him of course.  It's cute and fluffy, easy to watch.

Madam Secretary.  I wasn't sure I would like this one, because political shows have a hard time living up to West Wing for me, but I gave it a chance and ended up really liking it.  I love the actors and it's not totally ridiculous politics like House of Cards or Designated Survivor.  The first episode was a little slow and I almost quit, so make sure you watch at least the first 2 or 3 to get an actual feel for the show.

Hart of Dixie.  I don't know if I love this for the storyline or just for the cute dresses.  There's 4 seasons so if you've never watched this before, or want to re-watch, now is a great time.  Rachel Bilson is a doctor from New York who moves to Alabama to take over her father's medical practice  after he dies (the father she didn't know she had, naturally.)  So it's all about the new small town life and her relationship and friend drama, but it's lighthearted and cute.  A fluff watch, like Young and Hungry.

Unreal.  I ended up watching this on a whim just because I wanted to see what the nice little girl from Roswell was up to.  Not being a nice little girl anymore, I tell you what.  (FYI, Roswell is also on Hulu.)  When I saw commercials for this forever ago, when the first season was just starting, I didn't think I would like it.  It's about them making a reality TV show like the Bachelor, and since I don't watch the Bachelor, I figured it wouldn't be up my alley.  But I watched both seasons that are on Hulu (the 3rd is starting soon apparently) and ended up addicted to the drama.  It's over the top ridiculous.

Elementary.  It's modern day Sherlock Holmes, with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Watson.  I seem to like the detective shows where they solve the cases because they're intensely into detail, like Monk and Psych.  This is along the same lines, plus Sherlock is an asshole to everyone who he thinks is dumber than him (everyone), which is always entertaining.

Eli Stone.  I was on a Jonny Lee Miller kick, apparently.  In this one, he's a corporate lawyer who starts getting visions that lead him to start helping the little guys, the underdogs.  It got cancelled after 2 seasons, so you'll speed through this one too.  As a lawyer, I like lawyer-y shows, but I think this one would still be entertaining even to people not in the profession.

Rizzoli and Isles.  This one is 7 seasons, so it'll be a much more intense binge than the rest of these. (Though I think Elementary is long too.)  Angie Harmon is the police detective and Sasha Alexander is the medical examiner, the solve crimes together in Boston.  I tend to like shows like this - Bones, Crossing Jordan - so it's not surprising that I liked this one too.  I feel confident in recommending it! 

Any of these on your to be watched list?  What else are you loving right now that I should try?

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