Confessions. Mainly Just One.

Okay but actual confessions.  Not like 'I confess I ate Chipotle 3 times this week and had to re-run the washing machine because I let wet clothes sit in there for 2 days.'  Though those things are also true.  Not lately, I've been better about that, but it's been known to happen.  But no, I want to throw out some confessions that you're not expecting.  Mainly just this one:

My hair care might be out of control.  I started thinking about this because Jenn asked in the comments on this post what I actually splurge on (or if I just save money like crazy) since I have so many posts about frugal living.  Which got me thinking about a big one - hair care.  Out of control hair care spending.

I'm more and more just embracing my high maintenance hair.  Obviously everything I use on my hair is cruelty free, that's a given.  Of all the causes I could take up, cruelty free is top of the list.  Animal welfare in general, but specifically cruelty free personal care products is something I'm not willing to compromise on for any reason, hair be damned.  But, I'm not really embracing the minimal hair care products, nor the zero waste kind, not anymore.  I tried, and if anything I've had the most success just washing my hair with honey and coconut oil, and natural shampoos and conditioners are actually easy to come by.  But the stuff that comes after that, the detangler and the heat protectant and whatever else, I keep adding products back in instead of downsizing, and they aren't minimalist or zero waste.  I'm just so very particular about my hair.

At one point, about this time last year, I was just using a shampoo bar, a deep conditioning hair mask, the It's A 10 leave in (which was detangler, heat protectant and everything else), and then dry shampoo between washes.  That was it, 4 little products.  Now?  I use, in this order: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask (all in shower), then detangler and heat protectant before letting it air dry a bit, and I decided I dislike when detangler and heat protect are the same product, I prefer them separate.  Then I blow dry it partially, then add in a leave in cream before finishing the blow dry, and then some oil on the ends and sometimes even a shine/frizz spray after that.  If I plan on curling it, I'll add in volumizing mousse when I do the leave in cream.  I'm not kidding; it's the polar opposite of everything else minimalist and frugal in my life.  I mean, I don't do that every day, but every time I wash my hair, I do.  The full routine.  On truly lazy days, I won't do anything and just let it air dry but there's a significant visible difference in the health of my hair when I do that, so I've pretty much stopped.  I also take hair vitamins and only use a shower cap that's lined inside with terrycloth; the list of crazy goes on, my friends.

I feel bad that (a) it's wasteful, even if I do recycle the packaging - and it's not like I'm burning through the stuff, it takes me almost a year to use up any of the products mentioned - and (b) it's not minimalist at all, even if I only have one of each item at a time, but I just don't feel bad enough to stop using my favorite products.   My hair is my thing, okay?  You all know I get very bent out of shape if it starts falling out or thinning or getting dry and breaking.  My hair likes products and not the cheap ones and I give it what it wants.  So I guess the confession isn't just that I'm not at all minimal or frugal with my hair, but that I just don't care to be and probably never will be again

I can do a hair care products (plus combs and dryers and stuff) post, but it's preeeetty ridiculous.   If you want to see it, even though it's not at all minimalist or cheap, let me know in the comments and I'll make it happen.  Also if anyone besides Jenn is interested in my 'what I splurge on' list, I can do that too.  I checked, I haven't written that post, at least not within the last 2 years and I didn't want to look back further than that because lazy.

Okay, moving on, two other fun confessions:

Our garage is a disaster.  You probably think nothing in our house is ever a disaster.  And yes, I declutter and organize the crap out of this place but I never, ever set foot in the garage.  I have no need to ever access it, and it's only John's things in there.  We're planning on putting some tables in there this weekend during the party, so we have to get it cleaned up, and I just went in there for the first time pretty much since we moved in a year ago and oh my god.  It's horrifying.  You would be horrified.  Scratch that, you will be horrified because I'm going to show it to you.  Before and after photos, because I WILL have that fixed in the next two days.  If it kills me.  Which it might.

I used to love planning parties, but I don't think I do anymore.  Parties were my thing, I love hosting any and every holiday, loved having people over to pre-game before going out to the bars, inventing themed reasons to have any sort of get together.  But since planning John's birthday party and thinking ahead to Halloween and New Year's Eve, it's not so much fun anymore.  And that's mostly due to the fact that my friends are now adults.  That means real food and drink options and glassware and not a keg in the corner with color coded streamers and Dominos pizza.  I don't think I like planning adult parties very much at all.  There's too many details.  And it's way more expensive.  I'm still a fan of the solo cup, I mean, doesn't a blood orange martini taste like vodka and orange juice even if it's not in a martini glass?

Tell me in the comments if any of these confessions surprised you.  Any of your own to add?

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