Disney People vs. Non-Disney People

It's that time again, time for another questionnaire style tag that I've seen floating around the internet, except I only answer the questions I like.  (Just like the 90s tag and the Harry Potter tag, aka the posts I write on Fridays when I'm not feeling like being a 'real' blogger.)  This time, we're talking all things Disney.  Are you a Disney person?  There's a big divide, like there's 'DISNEY PEOPLE' and then everyone else is 12 steps below them, you can't just be 'sort of a Disney person.'  I mean, I think I am, I have my favorites but I'm not obsessed, buying the merch or wearing the costumes around the parks.  But the gung-ho folks tell me that means I'm so not a Disney person.  Oh well, answering the questions anyway!

For the record, stole these questions from Audrey and Betsy.

Favorite Disney movie?
Do you have any idea how hard this is?  I feel like it's supposed to be about the animated ones, or the princess ones, but it asks for favorite Disney movie period and there's like, oh I don't know, almost 600 (and the list doesn't have 2016 or 2017 yet.)  By the way, according to that list, conservative estimate is 197 that I've seen of them.  Conservative because I didn't count the ones I think I saw as a kid but don't actually remember.

So I need to break this down.  Favorite Disney movie overall - Tom and Huck.  I was obsessed.  Cannot even count the times I've seen it.  Favorite Disney Channel original movie - Brink.  Same.  Favorite animated?  Oliver and Company.  Other top contenders?  Mighty Ducks, Hocus Pocus, First Kid, Heavyweights, Zenon, Motocrossed, National Treasure, the Lizzie McGuire Movie... you can see my struggle.  For the rest of these questions, I'll stick with the animated movies.

Least favorite Disney movie?
There's a lot I don't like, that just aren't my taste.  But one that sticks out in my mind is Fantasia.  I have no idea why, but I have a deep seated dislike for that movie.  I even really disliked the Sorcerer's Apprentice for being based on it, and I never dislike anything starring Nicolas Cage.

Overrated Disney?
Frozen, for the love of god make it stop. It's not even that good, in the realm of Disney movies.  It's fine, but I don't get the obsession.

Underrated Disney?
I remember loving Bedknobs and Broomsticks when I was younger (prequel to loving Harry Potter?), and no one ever mentions it, so maybe it's underrated?  Or maybe it was big when it came out and I just don't remember.

Saddest movie?
Dumbo.  I loved it as a kid, don't ask me why.  My mom finally hid it.  I made her come hold me every time during the Baby Mine song and she had enough.  But that movie is f-ing SAD.  Refuse to watch now.

Favorite princess?
I'm not big into the princesses, honestly.  Does Nala count?  Otherwise I'd say Mulan and Rapunzel.

Favorite prince? 
Flynn Rider.

Favorite villain?
My first instinct was to say Hades, but Scar might have knocked him out of first place.

Favorite sidekick?
Mushu!  Mushu is life.

This is obviously my favorite quote as well, so no point answering that question.

Favorite animal?
Dug.  I don't even like the movie UP very much, but Dug reminds me of Hawkeye and I adore him.  Squirrel!

Favorite song?
Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company.  Billy Joel, duh.

Favorite theme park ride?
I've been going to Disney World for a lot of years, guys.

So the answer always changes.  As a kid, like 1010% it was the freaking monorail, I kid you not, ask my mom.  But I'd say Haunted Mansion, that always seems to be a can't miss classic.

Before signing off, I felt the need to share these, for anyone who hasn't seen them.  Let me just go ahead and ruin those princess movies for ya.  Happy Friday.

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