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I'm sure many of you follow Helene of Helene in Between.  You've likely been watching her 4 part video series leading up to today, which is the re-launch of her Instagram for Success course.  It's a course that she offered previously, if you remember that far back, but it's been updated with way more content this time around and a lot more step by step detailing, like all of your photo editing options.
 Instagram for Success
Pretty, right?  And, shockingly easy once you learn the steps.  So I thought this would be a good time to do a review and give you some details, in case you're considering the course for yourself.

Instagram for Success is an online, go at your own pace course that will give you everything you need to know to 'step up your game,' so to speak, to gain more Instagram followers and engagement and start making money from Instagram (or getting traffic to your website to make money there!)  You get 33 videos and 16 worksheets and downloads, not including the bonuses.

Why this course, why do you want it, why Instagram?  This course is for anyone looking to become more of a presence on Instagram and make money.  You don't need to be a blogger to do so or to benefit from this course.  Helene definitely talks about how to tie your blog, website, store, or business into it, but it's by no means a requirement.  It's the social media platform with the most dedicated engagement, so it's a good place to make concerted efforts towards making an online income.  If you decide to make that commitment to Instagram, then this is the most comprehensive course you can take that teaches you how to do that efficiently.

The instructor.  Helene knows what she's doing, there's no one that can refute that.  Really.  On this topic, she's the best you could learn from because she's insightful, helpful, and most of all, responsive.  Because how annoying is it to pay for something and then be totally on your own?  If I have questions, I expect answers, and Helene always responds.  I also enjoy the way she teaches.  Like talking to a friend.  It's simple to follow, soothing to listening to, and everything is backed up with real examples.
The updated content.  You get a lot of details with this particular course.  Details on how to find your own style and voice, how to set up your account, keep yourself safe according to FTC guidelines (this pleased the lawyer in me greatly), the Instagram algorithms and how to find your ideal followers, gaining those likes and followers, mistakes to avoid, all the ways to make money and how much to charge, an extensive list of hashtags to use, and of course, how to take and edit photos, both with details on free and paid options.  And lots more but I got tired of typing.

Instagram for Success

Ability to customize.  I cannot, CANNOT, stand other people who teach Instagram courses (or have any sort of 'this is how you do it' tutorials) that tell you that you must have perfect photos on white backgrounds or anything of the sort.  There's no one right way to do pretty much anything in life, and Instagram is top of that list.  Helene offers a myriad of ways to take and edit photos that will do well on Instagram, and she never tells you that you have to do it a certain way.  In fact, a large premise of her entire course is all about finding your own voice and style, and she starts the course by helping you do just that.  End result: no lame ass cookie cutter photos from you and the hundreds of other people taking the course.  Everything will be unique.  Nothing in the course is just about what worked for her or one of her clients - everything can be customized to you and your style, and the tips and tricks still work.

The price.  Obviously.  You know how hard it is for me to spend money (other than on my hair care and my dog, of course), so it's equally hard for me to recommend things that are expensive on this blog unless I think they're worth the money.  The price is $187 (there is a payment plan too), and I truly cannot tell you if it's worth it for your individual situation.  You get tons for your money, and I do think you'll quickly make $187 back from the techniques, but you have to put the work in.  It's not just handed to you because you paid for a course.  And it's not overnight.  It's quick, and effective, but it still requires time and long term consistency to see steady results, like a consistent income.  Personally, I fail at social media posting consistency but at least I know my weaknesses!  So, be all in or don't bother.

Instagram for Success

It's hard to say price is a con, though, you know what I mean?  Everyone deserves to get paid for their work and if I put half this much work into something, I'd probably charge twice as much.  But no doubt that it's a chunk of change.  You'd really need to think of it as more an investment into your... whatever it is you want to grow - blog, Etsy store, free stuff you feature in the photos, etc.  And it's a tax write off as a business expense so there ya go.

And that's my only con.  I wanted to make this balanced and all but I truly can't think of another con.

If you decide to purchase the course, I get a bonus if you do it through my link.  It's an affiliate link, which means I make a percentage of the sale, but the cost doesn't increase for you.  As I've explained before, I don't profit from the blog - I'm on a mission to sponsor a tiger, which is $200 a month.  So that's where the money goes if you buy through my link!  I realize that's incentive for me more than it is for you, so I'm also giving you $15 to Amazon (or PayPal or of your choice, doesn't matter to me), just let me know that you made the purchase.  Also if you purchase before July 20, you get a bonus pack of 22 Lightroom presets from Helene, but the last day to enroll is July 26.

Any questions for me about the course?  Ask away in the comments.

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