Things That Make Me Irrationally Annoyed

Do you have anything that just bugs you?  Like it's a really small indiscretion but your reaction to it is just excessive?  No, just me?  Well, here's my not at all complete list of things that annoy the crap out of me, to an extreme extent they really shouldn't, but I just can't take it anymore:

Cab and Uber drivers who don't listen to me.  This drives me bonkers.  Generally I take cars going to the same places - work or nearish to work, home, my parents house, etc.  I know where I'm going.  I live here.  I've worked here for 7 years and went to school here for the 3 before that.  I've lived in this damn city my entire life, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to traffic patterns and sneaky side streets.  Particularly to my parents house, which they've lived in longer than I've been alive.  Just go the way I tell you to.  Listen, I know that this is your job and you know lots and lots about driving and roads and traffic, BUT, I've been driving to and from this damn house for the last 32 years, I think I know the best goddamn route OKAY.

People who break long pastas to fit into the pot.  I can't handle this, whyyyyy.  Why do you do this?  I know it doesn't fit immediately but let the bottom ends soften for 20 seconds, then push the rest down into the pot.  Spaghetti is meant to be twirled, that's the joy, stop breaking it in half to cook!  Crazy.

Websites that have pop-ups before content.  Looking at you, bloggers.  I know your pop-up is super important to you but it's likely attempting to get me to sign up for your e-mail list.  When it comes up the second I hit your site, how do I even know if I like your content enough to subscribe to a damn e-mail list?  Are you nuts?

E-mails that confirm that I unsubscribed.  For the love of god, nothing is more irritating than unsubscribing from some crap cluttering your inbox, only to get yet another e-mail from them, confirming that you unsubscribed.  Why does this exist?  Make it stop.

People who dump liquids into a trashcan.  Like, what are you even thinking with that?  I see it a lot at coffee shops, where people dump out a bit of coffee to make room for cream and sugar.  Wtf.  This is literally why the barista asks you 'room for cream?'  Say YES so you don't have to be an asshole dumping liquids into a trashcan.  Or ask them to dump it for you, behind the counter.  Because someone has to empty that trash and when they do, that liquid is going to leak out everywhere.  Do you not have a trash can at home and you're just blissfully unaware that that's how liquids work?

CTA (the Chicago public transit) buses who can't figure out timing.  I've ranted to them on Twitter about this on numerous occasions, but naturally they don't respond.  I'm talking about when you're waiting at the bus stop and 2 or 3 buses come right in a row, but then nothing comes to that stop for 20 minutes or more, when there's supposed to be one every 10 minutes.  I don't understand this AT ALL because as a driver, you can SEE the bus in front of you and that you're right on it's ass.  Can't you just sit and wait at a stop for a few minutes to put some distance between you?  Isn't that common fucking sense?  If it's a higher up issue and they're 'not allowed to' then someone needs to get hired that just tracks these buses and gets on a walkie and tells one to chill out for awhile.  Shit, I'll do that job for free, because it's not that hard.

What's on your list of annoyances you overreact to lately?

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