What (Else) I Splurge On

In an effort to dispel any ideas that I'm completely as frugal as possible 100% of the time, I already told you about the splurging I do related to hair care.  Now let me tell you about some of the other areas in my life that I'm willing to spend on:

Furniture.  Now that we're in a house we have no intention of moving out of, I don't skimp when it comes to furniture, because it does make a difference.  There's a time and a place for cheap Target or Ikea furniture, but it just doesn't last.  Which was perfectly fine when I was always changing apartments, because it didn't matter if it got banged up or if I didn't feel like moving it.  But now I'd rather spend the money and get high quality pieces that will last for many years.  When we needed a new bed frame, couch, and dining table, we went to an actual furniture store.  Truth be told, we managed to find one having a going out of business sale so technically I was still saving money, but even on sale it was more than we would have paid at Ikea.

Birthdays and Holidays (for John).  For other people, I tend to be frugal or at least just use gift cards and such.  But I spend more on John for his birthday and Christmas.  He's a child, he just likes to have lots of things to open, they don't have to be expensive.  The thing is, he doesn't buy things for himself at all.  Ever.  All year long.  In typical middle child fashion, he's too busy making sure I'm happy, his brother is happy, his mom is happy, his sister is happy, and on and on, and he's dead last on his list.  (I'm the opposite, only child here baby, I'm first on my own list always and forever.  Well, after Hawkeye.)  So I tend to spoil him on those two days, birthday and Christmas.  They mean a lot to him, and since he's so frugal the rest of the year (as am I), I don't mind going overboard.  On a related note, if anyone has seen the second Purge movie, I need to find the black coat the Sergeant is wearing, if you have any ideas.

Eating out/ordering in.  We spend more than I would like here, but I definitely save at the grocery store so it balances out.  We both like eating out.  Nothing fancy, but dinner dates are fun and even ordering in is something we enjoy so we can relax all evening and watch a movie.  Plus we're in Chicago, land of the pizza.  You gotta order the pizza.

Healthcare.  Not that I particularly want to spend here, but it is what it is until Obamacare changes, and that's where a good chunk of my money goes.  I'm bitter about it, so I'll leave it at that.

Pedicures.  I'll paint my own nails, and even my own toenails between pedicures, but I don't like to do the actual work of a pedicure myself.  I don't bother with stuff like the PedEgg and foot soaks, and whatever other at home products exist.  I'd rather just have someone else do it.

Liquor.  The spending comes from quantity over quality, trust me.  John spends here more than I do, him and his brother can easily finish a case of Bud Light and then some on a Friday evening, but we'd definitely both save a lot of money if we didn't drink.  But I like it.  I like my cheap PBR and $6 champagne (excuse me, I mean Sparkletini.)  When I go to street fests I save money by putting vodka in water bottles so I don't deal with the insane fest markups, but I still have to buy that vodka.  Our Binny's bills can get hefty.

Hawkeye.  This little fluff nugget is definitely the biggest expense in my life.  She regularly goes to the vet, I even just got her teeth cleaned which FYI is close to a grand, grooming is every 6 to 8 weeks or so (for $70), her food costs $25 for a tiny bag, she even gets special prescription teeth food.  It's crazy.  This doesn't even include treats (100% duck jerky, of course), toys, potty pads, her water bed and replacement cooling pads for the inside, on and on it goes.  'Princess' doesn't even begin to cover it.

What do you splurge on?

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