When You Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Sometimes, I just wake up mad at the world, does that ever happen to you?  It's usually set off by nothing in particular, I just wake up crabby and spend the rest of the morning that way.  I try really, really hard to not let it affect my entire day though.  If I give in, the negativity will cloud everything I do.  If I manage to get anything done at all, which isn't likely if I'm crabby and pouty.  Of course, there's plenty of times when I do give into the bad mood and just decide to binge on Netflix and popcorn all day, but those days are a luxury when you have real life responsibilities.  So here's what I try when I'm in a bad mood and need to change it, quick. 

Figure out what's really wrong.  Sometimes it's something that happened the night before, sometimes it's just the fact that I slept funny and my neck is killing me.  Either way, it's really important to take a few minutes to assess what actually's wrong, as opposed to just assuming it's bad luck and 'not my day.'  When I take the time to focus on the single problem that's causing my mood, it's often something that can be easily fixed and I can get back to my day.

Have coffee.  Let's get real here - every morning starts off on the wrong side of the bed until I get my coffee in me.  I'm so much more pleasant once I've gotten my coffee.  But it really does make a difference, especially if you're a regular coffee drinker.  The lack of caffeine could be causing a headache, making you even more crabby.  And taking time to yourself to actually sit and enjoy your coffee, just how you like it, is a great way to remove yourself mentally from your mood and get a better perspective on things.

Eat.  Hangry is real.  If you start getting crabby and you're not entirely sure why, check the last time you ate.

Make a happy music playlist.  This is different for everyone.  Some people like dance music to get them back in better spirits, but some people like to let the mood play out with some hard rock and then get on with it.  My happy music playlist is usually country pop.  It's hard for me to still be crabby when country is on, specifically the windows down, radio up summertime upbeat songs.  What's your happy music?  I'm curious where everyone else is on the spectrum.

Get off social media, get outside.  Social media is a time suck but it's also an emotional suck.  If you're already having a rough day, picture perfect social media posts can make you feel even worse.  So take a break for the day and use that time to get outside instead.  Sun also improves mood, because most people in the northern hemisphere are lacking in vitamin D.

Treat yourself.  There's never anything wrong with taking care of yourself, and that definitely includes treating yourself on a particularly bad day.  Get a fancy latte, or the shoes, buy yourself flowers, or try any number of ways to treat yourself without spending money.

Get stuff done.  If your bad mood is just making you angry, turn that anger into productivity.  I'm not very productive when I'm sad and mopey, but when I'm mad?  I'm a powerhouse.  Work gets finished, the house gets cleaned, every sort of physical task that's been on my list gets knocked out so fast.  It takes my mind off my mood for a bit, but I also feel better when I'm done just because I was able to cross stuff off my to do list.

Spend time with your pet.  Nothing fixes a bad day like Hawkeye!  She's the absolute best little therapist in the world.  She's always happy, and focusing on her by going for a walk or playing fetch makes it easier to take my mind off my bad day.  Pet therapy works, so if you don't have one of your own, borrow a friend's or go to the animal shelter to play and walk some dogs.

What do you do when you're having a bad day you want to turn around?

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