Wednesday, August 30, 2017

18 Before 2018

There's something about September and the going back to school season that always gets me motivated again, even though it's been many a couple years since I've gone back to school.  I'm also one of those people that's motivated by the changing of the year too, so I guess it's that 'fresh start' magic that inspires me to get working on some goals and general to-dos that I've been procrastinating.  Plus plan new goals, naturally.  In fact, I've already been thinking about goals for 2018.  Anyone else that way?  Am I the only one that starts planning this far in advance?  I know some things I want to tackle next year, plus I have my 101 in 1001 list ending and potentially a new one starting, so the goals have been at the forefront of my mind lately.

Of course, you don't need any particular date to begin a goal.  The new year or September 1st aren't really anything special, just another day.  For myself however, I plan on harnessing my typical January 1st productivity levels and channeling them into a couple of different things.  Before I can do that though, I need to finish some other things.  So I sat down to work on my 18 goals I want to finish before 2018 arrives.  What unfinished business needs to be worked on so I can start fresh in the new year?  What sort of projects need to be fleshed out, or abandoned, so I can actually do work on them next year?  What do I want to do in the next couple of months and what do I need to say no to to make that happen?  Here's what I ended up with:
  1. Check all the seasonal related things off my 101 in 1001 list This is the biggest one, currently.  The time frame for this list ends in spring of 2018, so those goals I have on there related to Halloween, Christmas, etc?  Yeah, this is obviously the last chance I have to check those off.  I'm so close to actually finishing this list, as in, checking all 101 things off, so I don't want to get derailed by something like forgetting to do a Halloween related task in October.
    UPDATE: The Halloween related things, like going to a haunted house and to Fright Fest at Six Flags, were all completed.  The Christmas related ones shouldn't be an issue.
  2. Make a 'Home Projects' master list.  We keep talking about all the things we want to do, fix up, remodel, but we never commit that to an actual list.  Probably by next summer we'll need to replace the air conditioning unit, but we also talk about wanting a deck and getting rid of the carpet downstairs... but then why do the flooring downstairs when we want to reconfigure the staircase, which would mess up said flooring?  See what I mean, it just starts to spiral.  I want to create a master list of all of these plans, plus the approximate price tag attached, so we can have a hierarchy of what needs to get done and what can wait a couple years.  And of course what order makes the most sense.
    UPDATE: Working on this, the list is just getting started but we're getting there.  We should have plenty of time while on vacation to turn it into a real, final list.
  3. Sort and organize Evernote.  It's not too bad, I don't have a ton of things, but I do want to get it a bit more organized in general and delete some things that I know I don't need anymore.  I also want to go through some of my notes related to the blog and delete post ideas that I'm never going to finish.
    UPDATE: Currently all cleared out!  I need to keep an eye on it between now and the end of the year so it doesn't get crazy again, but it's pretty good.
  4. Clear out my e-mails.  As far as my actual work and personal (personal = everything else, blog included) inbox, I hit inbox zero every day.  But that means just that I take action on them, some things I do move over into save folders because I need the information still.  However, it's been awhile since I've been through those folders and there's a lot I don't need anymore - like the install instructions from my previous blog design, which I don't plan on reverting back to.
    UPDATE: All set, every inbox has been cleared out as well as all the subfolders.
  5. Plan the holidays.  I don't like stacking too many things on my plate during the holiday season.  I know John really wants to have a Halloween party again this year, so I need to make a plan for that.  I also know Tara is coming into town for New Year's Eve, so we have to think of something for that too.  The stuff in the middle?  I'll need that to be chill.  Low-key birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  I really need to work out a list of the things we must get done and which days we can do them, given John's work schedule - he works on all the actual holidays except Halloween so we'd need to find other days to celebrate.
    UPDATE: We decided against the Halloween party this year, and I decided that Tara and I will find something fun to go out and do for New Year's Eve (and by fun I mean dive bar bar crawl where we stay close to home and spend $0.)  Everything else is all planned too!
  6. Check out some paper planners.  2017 was the year of no paper planner for me, and I've really loved having everything digital.  But of course, paper planners are so pretty and I always feel myself wanting one when someone posts about their system.  I'm going to take some time searching online and perusing the stores just to see if I want something to write in for 2018.  I plan on being very honest with myself whether I'll actually use it.
    UPDATE: I want to stay digital.  It's working for me.  But my thoughts on some fun planners that are more than just a calendar can be found here.
  7. Have everything ready for taxes that's in my possession.  I'm always such a procrastinator on taxes, but this year, I've been keeping up with my statements and things so I just have to continue that process for the next couple of months.
    UPDATE: It's in progress, I think I'm a month behind.  But I'll get there!
  8. Clean out my desk at work.  It got wild really quickly, I don't know what happened.  The top is...decent, but my drawers need work.  Definitely need to get to this soon.
    UPDATE: The surface and 2 drawers are all set, but 4 drawers are still in progress.  All done!
  9. Get my hair done.  I hate doing this.  I always put it off as long as possible. The highlights I'm supposed to get done every 6 to 8 weeks?  No, it's like 6 to 8 months.  But I suppose, since the last time I went was in April, that I'm going to need to suck it up and go before the end of this year.  Le sigh.
    UPDATE: Ha, still nothing.  Success!  I was able to go in early November
  10. Push my mom on the videos to DVD process.  We've been decluttering my parents' house and she's gotten rid of way more than I thought she was capable of!  But we have a ways to go.  I was able to get her to part with a lot of VHS tapes, particularly Disney ones, but she saved a lot of home movies and horse races (don't ask) and we need to get those onto DVD.  However, there's still A LOT and it would honestly be a waste of money to get them all converted.  I need to push her to pick the favorites and get this project done with.
    UPDATE: Nope, still need to do this.  I found the best place(s) to get them converted, but she hasn't narrowed down which ones actually need to go.  Getting there.
  11. Drink more (lemon) water.  First of all, I need to drink more water in general, which means I need be better about tracking it.  Aiming for at least 3 of the 32 oz bottles a day.  I also want to start drinking lemon water because it's supposed to have a lot of health benefits, and I love lemon anyway so it shouldn't be too hard.
    UPDATE: I've been doing pretty well at this!  The water part at least.  The lemon part, no, but, baby steps.
  12. Finish up mostly done products.  I got into a bad habit the last few months where I would think I was almost done with a product so I would go buy a backup or a different brand, whatever.  And then I would get excited about the new one and not finish the old one, or I underestimated how many uses were left.  So I seem to have a lot of products around that need to get finished up.  Going to make a concentrated effort to put away any new things I just finish what I had before.
    UPDATE: I posted something about my recent empties, and I'm still working on more.  I had more than I thought!
  13. Use the treadmill an average of 3 times a week.  I say average because it'll be less now (0) and more when it gets cold (5).  Now, it's just fine to go outside instead, plus then I can take Hawkeye.  But when it gets too cold, she doesn't like to go and although I do, it's not the safest.  So I think it's 51, if my math is right - use the treadmill 51 times before the end of the year.
    UPDATE: 9/51.  But in my defense, it's been perfectly fine weather to stay outside.  So... 50 more times in the next 2 months.  Which is like, 6 times a week.  Eek.  I started doing better once it got cold outside.  Still not enough, since we did go out of town for awhile, so I won't hit 51 unless I do two a days.  We'll see!
  14. Go to church.  Just once, to St. Ed's.  There's a longer story behind this one that I don't know yet whether or not I'll ever blog about (I mean, it's not a secret, you can ask me and I'll tell you when I respond to your comment), so for now, the goal is just to get to church for mass on Sunday, one particular time.
    UPDATE: Done, and probably won't be going again for a long time, but I did what I needed to so I'm crossing it off the list.
  15. Dedicate a day to wrapping gifts.  I actually love wrapping gifts, and I'm good at it.  But I always wrap them as they come and put them under the tree.  I kind of want to take a day or even just an evening to wrap while watching Christmas movies and drinking... well, none of the traditional holiday cocktails because I don't like them, but I'll think of something.
    UPDATE: Nothing yet, but it's still early.
  16. Decide a blog plan for 2018.  Some things I'm going to change up, I already know, and some will stay the same.  But I'm still deciding an overall sort of plan.  If you have anything thoughts on topics, let me know in the comments.  And let me know how often you read my posts.  I've posted 5 days a week all year so far, and will until the end of December.  I never intend that all of them will be something everyone is interested in, but I hope that one or two a week would be.  So, is 5 too many or just right?  Don't say too few, I can't post 7 days a week without going crazy!
    UPDATE: I've already been thinking about this, everyone seems to be on board with the 5 a week posting schedule so I plan on keeping that going, which means 261 posts next year.  I have ideas for about 35 of those, ha.  A long ways to go, but I like the plan I currently have.  I actually finished all 261 ideas by October 3.  The blog plan is ready for 2018!
  17. Decide how to tackle goals for 2018.  I have some ideas in my head about how I want to approach them since generally the year long goals/resolutions don't work out for me (I tend to forget about them.)  Obviously you know I stopped doing seasonal goals, so I'm thinking about a monthly sort of set up, and maybe a word of the year?  Whatever it is, I'll have it figured out and on the blog on January 1.
    UPDATE: I've already been thinking about this as well, since it ties in with the blog plan (I like blogging about my goals, keeps me accountable.)  Besides the next 101 list I'll be starting in May, I'm going back to monthly goals.  I still need to figure out the exact format for that though.  I have a good plan and format for everything I want to tackle next year, so you'll be hearing all about it in late December and early January.
  18. Complete an end of year home declutter.  Our home is always in a pretty good state when it comes to this, but I love completing the end of year declutter of the entire house, top to bottom, every room and category of stuff.  I don't get too much 'stuff' for Christmas, but John and Hawkeye do so it's really good to get rid of anything old and unused and make way for the new things they want to keep.  I work on one room or part of a room each day leading up to the new year, whenever I have time.  By December 31, everything is done!  This also ties into something I want to do in 2018, which is make a master home inventory list.  But why inventory something I'm going to declutter?  See what I mean about needing to get stuff done this year to be ready for next year?
    UPDATE: I got a couple areas done, but just the easy ones I knew wouldn't have too much stuff.  I'm hoping to have more time in November and December to work on the tougher rooms.
So there you have it, those are my 18 things I want to focus on for the next 4 months.  Have you set any goals to hit by the end of this year?  Thinking about doing it now?  Let me know in the comments.

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