As Told By John

John pulled his first 48 hour straight shift at the firehouse this past weekend.  I mean, on the plus side he had 3 days off in a row before and now has 3 days off after, but it was still a chunk of time to be away.  And I spent the whole weekend pet sitting my parents dogs, but even though wrangling 3 pups keeps you busy, we still found time in the days for a lot of texting.  I even found a 'boyfriend tag' on the internet so I decided to record his answers to some questions about me as a blog post, because why not on a Monday morning.  Wondering how well he knows me?  Read on:

Do I have any weird obsession(s)?  If so, what?
That's NOT weird, dude.  You're weird if you're not obsessed with her.  And for the record, he's just as obsessed so I don't know why he's calling me out!  As for what I think the answer would have been?  Nicolas Cage.  He definitely agreed when I told him that one.  He then also added "oh and that thing where you go in the makeup store and come out with your hand covered in colors but you don't buy anything."  It's Sephora, and it's called swatching, and it's not weird.

What is my favorite restaurant?
"Olive Garden."
Much to my mother's dismay, he it totally correct!  I love OG.  All the fine dining in Chicago and if you let me decide where to have dinner?  OG every time baby.  He's stopped letting me decide.  I don't think the two are related...

What do we argue about the most?
"My t-shirts."
Well HE'S NOT WRONG.  God, I hate his 2,000 t-shirts, I really do.  Eventually we're re-modeling the upstairs into a master suite and I'll make a walk-in master closet for his wardrobe (because my entire wardrobe fits in a carryon suitcase if I'm wearing my winter coat and boots, thank you very much) and he can have 100 drawers for all of his t-shirts and we'll be at peace.  As long as a robot is also in there to fold them.

If I'm watching TV, what am I watching?
"Veronica Mars."
I think he only said that because that's what I'm watching currently, but it is a favorite.  Generally, 'fluff' is a good answer.  Not reality TV, but TV that doesn't require my mind to work too hard, and resolves itself with a happy ending.  Most of the time.  That Leah Remini show is an exception, it's too addicting.

What is one food I don't like?
Correct.  I would say that one tops the list, I won't eat something if a cherry has even touched it (whereas I would pick the pepperoni off pizza and still eat the pizza.)  There's actually a lot of foods I don't like, I'm a champion picky eater.  I also don't like: meat, seafood, ketchup, kale, blue cheese, mint, lime, cilantro, celery, peanuts, iceberg lettuce, tofu, mayonnaise, beets, figs, potato chips, blueberries, ginger, dairy milk, yogurt, and that's just off the top of my head.

What would I eat every day if I could?
"Grilled cheese."
It didn't even occur to me when I asked him that but, yeah, that would be high on the list!  Diner grilled cheese is one of my all-time favorite foods.  I don't know if it would be very top, I think veggie tacos from Chipotle would be the top.  Tough call, tough call indeed.

What is my favorite sports team?
"Is NASCAR a sports team?  Kasey Kahne?  No?  Then Iowa Hawkeyes.  In Chicago, the Bears."
All correct.  Correct in that order too, though sometimes Hawkeye football edges out over NASCAR, but it's a pretty close race.

Who is my best friend?
Hahaha, yep, Hawkeye for the win!  And also Tara is correct if you're making me pick just the one, but I have a lot of 'best friends' because I either love you or you don't exist to me, there is absolutely no in the middle.

What is something you do that I wish you didn’t?
"Leave my clothes on the floor of the bathroom after I shower."
We have 4 hampers; bedroom, bathroom and two in the laundry room.  WHY?  Why.

What can I spend hours doing?
"Throwing stuff out and organizing."
Gah, ya know me so well.  And he meant 'decluttering,' I donate things not trash them.  I do this a lot, and I like a good organizing project while I sit and watch TV, but I also do this for other people in my free time.  He thinks it's super weird that I like helping my friends clear out their stuff, but I really enjoy it!

If I could live anywhere, where would it be?  
"Kentucky.  I know you love Alaska, but I don't think you want to live there."
I adore Kentucky, I do, and it's on the list, but he's wrong on this one.  But oh so close.  Kentucky would be #2 I think.  If I could live anywhere, it would be Alaska for sure.  Ketchikan is calling my name but any city in Alaska would work.  So he knew that I love it, he just underestimated how much.

He did pretty well, all in all!  Glad to know he's got my back, keeping me away from the cherries, but it's also interesting to know that he's aware of how much the clothes on the bathroom floor bugs me but he does it anyway.  Ah, men.

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