Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blog Post Ideas I Actually Want to Read

Everything is harder for me in the summer.  Yeah yeah, it's like beating a dead horse for me to keep repeating that around here but it's the truth.  I just can't stand summer.  I'm less productive and motivated and creative and all around slightly crabbier because nothing makes me crabby like being hot.  I'm thrilled that fall is approaching, because it means I'm ever closer to winter, my favorite.  (I live in a good city to be such a winter lover, but I'm still open to moving to Alaska, trust me.)  Of particular struggle lately though is blog motivation and post ideas.  I've put up 165 posts so far this year and have plenty more for the last 3 months of this year, but that's because the colder months just lend themselves to so many more ideas for me.

Naturally, in my attempt to figure out what the heck to do with the rest of the month of August, I turned to searching for 'blog post ideas' and while I found some I wanted to tackle eventually, nothing was really speaking to me at the moment.  The lists sort of all blended together by the end, with tons of the same ideas.  Some of which I wouldn't be too excited to read if I ran across them.  So I decided to go a different way and start listing what I'd actually like to read about.  Even if I couldn't quite manage to write them all myself.  Here's a few of my ideas for blog posts I'd actually look forward to reading:

Things you want to say no to (and the ones you want to say yes to)

Craziest things you want to try

Books you've re-read more than once

Popular/trendy stuff you can't stand

Things you prioritize over doing what makes you happy

What you can control vs what you can't control

Best and worst things (products, food, books, etc) that you've since changed your mind about

What you're finally ready to rid yourself of

What you want to add to your life

What you're really good at

Things about yourself you absolutely don't need to change

A list of things you treasure most

What's working well in your life right now

The best choices you think you've made in life so far

The ways money can and can't buy you happiness

A list of your favorite characters from shows or movies, or characters you're most like, and why

Tips for doing [insert any activity here] more efficiently
If any of those speak to you, then I can't wait to read what you offer.  Let me know in the comments if you put up a post!  Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually write these up myself.

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