Chicago Street Fests: Best Cover Bands

The one thing I actually do really love about summer in Chicago is definitely the street fests.  There's very few I don't attend and thoroughly enjoy.  But there's multiple options most weekends, all over the city, so when I'm not choosing based on proximity (#lazygirlatheart), I choose based on which cover bands are playing that we most want to see.  

Cover bands are one of the main draws of street fests, and many times the fests even have more than one stage and multiple shows going on at once.  These cover bands can vary all across the board in terms of what kind of music they play and how good of a show they put on.  With all the new ones constantly coming out, it's impossible to make a full list of all the great options, but I narrowed it down to a couple of favorites that I hope you'll check out when you're making your summer plans.

The original and a classic for a reason!  They play nothing but 80s music and they always put on a fantastic show.  We've been fans for years and I consider two of the guys in the band good friends.  I'm not biased though, they're consistently voted the best cover band in Chicago, and the guitarist is the manager for pretty much every other cover band on this list and beyond.  He knows what he's doing.  So you must go see them, if you're going to see anything on this list.  The choreographed dance parts are the best, you will not be disappointed.

Boy Band Review.
All boy band music, what more do you need to know?!  They're really fantastic though, choreographed moves like N'Sync and everything.  It's pretty much every boy band you can think of, from all the 90s favorites up to One Direction.  It's a super upbeat and fun show, you'll definitely be dancing.

Fletcher Rockwell.
Just found these guys last summer at the street fest near our house and have loved them ever since.  Mainly because they play country!  They aren't completely country music, they'll tailor their set list to their audience (less country at a big street fest, more country at a bar themed for that like Firewater Saloon) plus they actually have originals, which is rare for a cover band.

Mallrats is the rock alternative to Boy Band Review.  They're all 90s music, but nothing of the pop variety.  One of the members is a co-worker of Betsy's, so we're quite partial to this group.  If you loved that alternative, grunge 90s music, this band is right up your alley!

and of course,

There's probably no need to mention this one, if you've been a reader around these parts any amount of time.  Betsy's husband used to be part of this band, though he's since moved on.  We celebrated the lead singer's 30th birthday on a trolley bar crawl and then he got engaged to one of my best friends.  'Stache has been a long time staple that we still enjoy seeing.  Their music selection is across the board, and although they used to be more 90s, now they play what's popular on the radio along with a few classics.

For the record on what's coming up this month, we'll be heading to see a lot of these bands at Jeff Fest, Retro on Roscoe, Edison Park Fest, and my personal favorite, Northalsted Market Days.  Will I be seeing you there, fellow Chicagoans?

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