Favorite Drinking Games

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The day I'm too old to enjoy a good drinking game is the day you can just put me in the ground, friends.  I love drinking games.  Sitting around and sipping on beers just isn't as enjoyable for me as it is when there's some sort of drinking game involved, preferably involving a deck of cards.  I never leave home without one, for the record.  Seriously, it's like phone, money, lip balm, keys, deck of cards.  The important things.  So naturally I've established plenty of favorites over the years.  And today marks 700 posts on this blog, so what better way to celebrate than to tell you about all the ones I love to play?

Power Hour
Power hour is where you take a shot of beer every 60 seconds for one hour.  It's accompanied by a playlist of 60 second songs so when the song changes, you drink.  Pouring shots of beer after you've already had 42 is a giant mess so we just drink out of the cans.  We've clocked it at 5 cans in 60 minutes, or one every 12 minutes.  (1.5 ounce shots would equal 7 beers but we're not that aggressive in our pre-gaming.)  One every 12 minutes sounds harmless and the first two go down easy.  Not so easy after that!  P.S. Tara and I run a weekly podcast pretty much for our own amusement, and twice now we've recorded ourselves playing power hour, so if you want to join us some time, it'll be like we're right in the room with you.

Flip Cup
This is a classic, I'm sure you've played and it needs no explanation.  I'm not a big fan of beer pong, since I suck at it, but flip cup I'm a champion.  I'm always down for a round.  I especially like to play survivor flip cup, where the losing team votes off it's weakest player.

Cards Against Humanity
It's technically not a drinking game in and of itself, but you can certainly turn it in to one.  If you've never played, you need to.  It's the adult version of Apples to Apples and it's so much fun.  To make it a drinking game, we assign drinks to the winners and loser of each round.  It's more casual drinking since each round takes awhile.

Circle of Death
I think the way we play is a mixture of Circle of Death and King's Cup - we have a lot of King's Cup rules but I hate the cup in the middle thing because I'm too old to drink something that gross.  We just play the version where you place the cards in a ring, face down, and each person picks up a card in turn.  Each card is a different rule for drinking - socials, one for guys, one for girls, last one with their hand in the air, that sort of thing.  Main rule, don't break the circle of cards on the table.  It's fun because most people drink most of the time, so it's a solid way to get everyone drinking.

I Win
Tara and I just made this up.  Because we were often playing cards games just the two of us, waiting for the rest of the (always late) gang to arrive.  And you can play this with just two or three people.  Deal out all the cards face down.  Each person takes a turn and states something related to the cards, without anyone looking at their pile.  Everyone flips over their top card and if their card matches what the person said, they drink.  So for example, I would say 'everyone with a red card, drink two.'  Everyone flips their top card and if it's red, even my own card, it's two drinks.  Then Tara would go and say 'everyone with a face card, drink.'  If anyone flips a jack, queen, or king, that's a drink.  To get really aggressive - if you don't get anyone else with your statement, you drink.  Everyone wins!  The fun is in it's simplicity and the high volume of drinking in a short amount of time.

Particularly if you play with, say, only 3 or 4 people, you're basically just chugging beers until the cards disappear.  Like I Win, you deal out all the cards face down.  One person starts and flips their top card over.  The next person in line goes.  If it 'connects' to the previous card either by being the same suit or the same number, both drink the number of the higher card.  i.e. Person 1 flips a jack of hearts.  Person 2 flips a 3 of hearts.  Both then have to drink 11 (the jack).  Person 3 flips a 3 of spades?  That connects two person 2, the 3 of hearts, which we already saw connected to person 1.  Everyone drinks 11 again, the highest card in the connection.  Person 4 flips an ace of spades?  Everyone hates them.  And drinks 14.  And round and round it goes.  It can be brutal.

Are you a drinking game person?  What are your favorites that I missed on my list?

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