Goals Check In

I was working on quarterly goals for awhile, but Steph and Sara ended their related link up and they're both going in a different direction for future goals and plans.  And I agree with Steph that you should change it up when something stops working for you, so I plan on following her lead.

Let's check in first on those couple of summer goals I set (which, summer is still going on for another month so I have time to finish if I want!)

1. Make plans for John's furlough.  John's furlough is coming up, it's actually not until November.  But I wanted to make the plans early, so I would be able to request off work and book anything that required an earlier reservation.  Furlough is where he gets 21 days off from the fire department in a row.  This year, being his first year, he only has the one.  But starting next year, he actually gets 3 furloughs.  Yeah, basically as a firefighter you work something like 95 days a year, total.  Anyway, we did make a plan for what we want to do - road trip to Vegas and back.  We both hate flying, we both love Vegas, so we're doing it, with a stop for a few nights in Denver.  Nothing that needed to be booked super far in advance, but I got my days off work!

2. Go to at least 3 street fests.  Definitely hit this one.  Let's see... Midsommar Fest, Wells Street Art Fest, Ben Fest, Taste of River North, Six Corners Fest, Market Days, Jeff Fest, and Retro on Roscoe.  And we're only mid way through August.  Street fests are like the only thing I like about summer.

3. Check at least 9 things off the 101 in 1001 list.  I knew this one would be a stretch because that is a lot of items, particularly when approaching the end of a list, but I also knew I had a lot of things planned, so I ended up hitting more than 9.  I'm at 80 things checked off, so only 21 to go by next April!

4. Re-sort and follow favorite blogs on a single Bloglovin account.  This one was tedious but it's done!  Essentially, I had one account for my own blog, and one account under a different e-mail address that I would read blogs from, and I'd read from Feedly too, and it was all different blogs under all three of those accounts.  Now everything is in one place!

5. Publish a blog post every week day.  I have successfully posted something every week day so far this year.  Winning.

X 6. Brainstorm and make final plan for upcoming blog related project.  I totally forgot I was planning that project and haven't touched it since.  Maybe this fall.

X 7. Have the backyard deck installed.  This one was a no-go, almost immediately after I posted the list.  We decided to wait until early next spring, because (a) we wanted the full season to enjoy it, obviously and (b) if we didn't spend the money on that, John would be able to pay off his truck and his last student loan by the end of this year.  Debt free before new purchases, always always always.

X 8. Then get new patio furniture for it.  This is like a half done.  Oddly, even though we didn't do the deck.  John's sister works for a company where she can get us a nice discount on patio furniture so we already know what we want and she's going to pounce as soon as the price is as low as possible.  But full price, 4 rocker chairs and a table with a propane tank fire pit in the middle is only $1,050 which isn't bad at all as far as patio furniture goes.  But of course it's even better with an employee discount!

X 9. Get halfway to my goal weight.  LOL I haven't even checked.  Whatevs.

10. Get my vitamin D levels up.  I haven't gotten blood tests done so I can't be sure.  But my hair isn't falling out like it was and I did spend the recommended amount of time in the sun without sunblock on, at least a couple of days.  I'm counting it as a win.

I don't think that's too bad, since it's only been 2 months instead of the usual 3, and the deck thing was intentionally sidelined.  As far as fall or winter goals, I'm not planning anything this time around.  The season is always busy anyway and since it's my favorite time, I'm always super productive without needing a list to guide me.  I have an idea of how I'm going to work through goals in 2018, but for now, I think it's time to just coast.  The 101 in 1001 list still exists, of course, which gives me plenty to work on between now and the end of 2017.

How are you doing on your seasonal or yearly goals? Done a midway check in yet? 

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