Things I 'Can't' Live Without

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You have to know I'm not serious when I say 'can't live without,' it's called hyperbole.  I actually can't live without water, food, and air, the rest is all debatable.  This is more like 'it would really suck to live without this stuff.'  (Not including Hawkeye or any people.)

SnowyI'm going to be buried with that bear.

Coffee.  You wouldn't like me when I haven't had my morning coffee.  I don't like me when I haven't had my morning coffee.

Lip Balm.  I don't mean gloss or lipstick or anything, but actual hydrating lip balm.  My lips are always dry and/or I'm just addicted to chap stick.  I can't leave the house without it so they're stashed everywhere - work, purse, every room in the house.  I'll go buy one if I somehow find myself out somewhere without one.  I don't like traditional chap stick, it has to be something creamier and last awhile.  Right now my favorite is the Lano brand.

Mascara.  I don't like leaving the house with at least mascara on.  Everything else is negotiable and I often don't bother with foundation because my skin isn't bad.  But I look very weird without mascara since my blonde lashes are so light and short.  I need the mascara to look awake and not make my eyes look so strange.  Essence is my favorite.

Moisturizer.  I'm not picky about what kind, could be lotion or oils, whatever.  Dry skin makes me really irritable, I can't focus on anything else until I can make my skin stop hurting or itching.

Snow.  I wouldn't function well if I lived somewhere that never had snow.  Snow makes me happy like the sunshine and beach make other people happy, so if I never had that any more, I'd be miserable all the time.

Shoes.  Outside of the house, I can't stand being barefoot.  Everything is dirty plus I hate the feel of both grass and sand on my feet.  I would be miserable without shoes.  I'm not super particular about what kind, as long as it's not heels.

Honey Bees.  Actually we all can't live without honey bees, they pollinate our food sources.  If you eat meat, they pollinate your food's food sources.  Save the honey bees.

Salt.  I have a serious problem with salty snacks.  Every sort of snack food that I considered putting on this list had one thing in common - salt.  Makes the world so much better.

Robot Vacuum.  I don't know why I lived so long without Ferdinand, but I love him and he's the best thing John every bought me.  I realize that I did in fact live many years without one, but now that he's around I can't picture ever going back.

Cleaning Supplies.  Like, vinegar and hand soap if we're being particular, but just stuff to get myself and my house clean in general.  Obviously you know I don't like it to be dirty, but I also don't like germs on myself so I wash my hands regularly.  If I'm out somewhere, I bring hand sanitizer.  So I really need options to get everything clean.

Books.  And the ability to read.  Everything I do in a day involves the written word, from my job to this blog, to reading for entertainment.  Even following street signs and looking up sports scores!  So much of what I do in my spare time involves reading.

Contacts.  I'm blind without them - no really, -7.5 in each eye.  And glasses are the worst, I look horrible in them and they're so uncomfortable.  Putting in contacts is the first thing I do every morning and taking them out is the last thing I do every night, for the last 20 years.  Until Lasik, I very much can't live without my contacts.

Weekends.  They need to be longer, for sure, but I don't know what I would do without any weekends at all.

What's on your 'can't live without it' list?

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