Things I Don't Ever Feel Like Doing

A post idea straight up stolen from Steph because woof, it's been a weekend, and sometimes you need to just not think very hard.

Talk on the phone

Fold laundry, mostly John's t-shirts

Go to the beach

Wear a strapless bra

Suntan, and be hot in general

Walk behind slow people

Keep my mouth shut when someone is rude or annoying in public

Watch the news

Clothes shop

Have coffee with sugar in it

Use plastic

Yard work


DIY projects

Scrub dirty pots and pans

Color, or anything else artistic and creative

Shop for anything when stores are crowded

Vacuum the stairs

Pay Whole Foods prices

Use staples


Watch golf or baseball

Drink tequila

Take the trash to the alley

Eat anything that's even touched a cherry

Wait in line

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