Thursday, August 3, 2017

Three on Thursday

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Welcome back to Three on Thursday, my weekly even though I sometimes skip weeks list of things I'm loving at the moment that I think you should do, try, or buy.  If you're interested in past weeks, you can find those here.

1.  I didn't know this existed!  And now I'm happy I found it but also a little upset because productivity has gone straight down the tubes.  It's free shows, either on the web or via their app - a free version of like, Hulu and Netflix.  Now, it doesn't have massive amounts of popular TV like those two do but you know what it does have?  Every season of Veronica Mars.  Win.  Free win, my favorite kind.  And I also know all the seasons of Fringe are on there.  After that, I'm not sure, I haven't explored, but two of my favorites are free and that means it ranks a spot on the Three on Thursday list.  A long time ago, we used to friends...

2. Svedka Vodkas.  I thought I already put these on a favorites list but I searched and apparently I did not, so here they are.  I am loving the Svedka flavored vodkas this summer, they've been perfect for street fest drinking.  Mango Pineapple is my favorite, and I also like Peach, but Betsy and Tara were loving the Strawberry Lemonade.  So, basically any flavor you can get your hands on will be a hit.  They taste good on their own, but I personally love that you can add just a little water for a summer cocktail you can sip on, which is easy to carry around (one water bottle full of vodka, one full of actually water.  Never pay markup again!)  Plus they're super cheap and widely available, Megan picked one up at Target even.

3. Everyday Coconut Hand Soap.  Lauren's post last week prompted a reminder that I really enjoy my hand soap at home.  Because really, I just never think about it but I do always get the same one.  This coconut one is my favorite.  It smells good and it's super soft on your hands.  But it never leaves them feeling greasy or sticky, two feelings I hate almost as much as the super dried out feeling you get from the alcohol-y soap at a hospital.  John's a big fan of this too, so I never bother with anything else anymore.  I'm sure I could get other soap for $1 but this lasts a long time so it's worth it.  I get mine at Whole Foods but there's a plethora of places to get them online, I could tell just by searching Google.

Happy Thursday!

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