What I'm Curious About Lately

I have a growing list of things I've been curious about lately.  Things I've been researching that I would like to dive in on but haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet.  I mean really, it's a list of things I could use your advice and opinions on, so please share your knowledge in the comments.

Essential Oils.  They just keep sucking me in!  So, I'm pretty familiar with their uses for cleaning, and I'm on board with those.  They work really well.  But I'm trying to figure out the benefits of them for skin and hair, maybe also for things like relaxation - essential oils, not carrier oils like argan oil and coconut oil, those I already know.  There's a lot of different mixes I want to try, like that mermaid spray one, but the minute I start trying to figure it out, I'm overwhelmed by the salespeople.  And I don't trust salespeople I don't already have a relationship with.  Are any of you regular readers sellers or users of oils?  I want to talk to someone I trust!

New Pots and Pans.  Right now we have a big stock pot, a smaller pot, and a large pan.  They're what I still have from a stainless steel set I got (cheap!  Ikea?) many many years ago.  They do the job but they are getting old and they were never great to begin with.  I'm thinking about getting new, nice stuff but man, is it overwhelming.  There's a million types of them now - stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, anodized steel, it goes on and on.  The only ones I know I don't want are anything copper because my mom has those and, as the designated dishwasher all my life, I know I motherf-ing hate cleaning them.  I was looking at the cookware sets because they've been on sale at Macy's, but a whole set seems rather pointless because there's just so many pieces that we'd likely never use.  I guess that leaves me with buying single pots and pans that we actually need?  They don't need to be super cheap but do I even bother splurging on the Le Creuset stuff or does it not matter?  Also, I now realize a big reason people get married.

Denver.  John and I are pretty sure we're going on a road trip for his furlough in early November (that's the 21 days off in a row.)  We both hate flying and have no intention of getting on a plane ever again, but we do want to go back to Vegas so we're planning on driving there.  Which brings us straight through Denver, and neither of us have ever been there.  It seemed like a good place to stop for a couple of days so I've been looking up where to stay and what to see.  I already talked to my friend Whitney (she used to blog, if anyone has been around quite that long!) so I have a list of great places to check out, but I'm always interested to hear more.  So if you live in Denver or have been there, please leave me your recommendations.

Framing.  Why is this so damn expensive, that's what I want to know.  We got a ton of jerseys signed at the Blackhawks convention we went to, but getting them framed costs an arm and a leg.  Is this something anyone has experience with?  Doing it yourself or finding someplace that isn't so wildly overpriced?  Looks like it'll be nuts no matter what, but I'll plan on getting it done as a Christmas present for John's brother.  But any sort of tips you have will help.

So if you know anything about any of the above, please let me know.  I'd be so grateful!

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