5 Reasons I Love Football Season

Football season has arrived!  The Iowa Hawkeyes played their first game on Saturday and the Chicago Bears play their first regular season game this coming Sunday.  And I also draft for my fantasy team tonight.  Although I prefer college football, football in general is my sport of choice.  To watch, not to play.  (And after NASCAR, obviously... though if it came down to it, I'd watch the Hawkeyes over a race.)  Why, you ask?  Here's just 5 of the reasons I love football season so much:

Tailgate, Tailgate, Tailgate!
People just don't tailgate for other sports like they do for football.  Everything about tailgating is fun, the booze, food, music, games, friends, everyone in the same place for one common purpose.  I mean, we get up before dawn sometimes to get down to the tailgate areas!  And yeah that's two flat bed pickups full of beer and ice, what of it?

Day Drinking.
It's a part of tailgating, certainly, but it also applies if you're just watching the games at home.  It also applies to Sunday's NFL games.  Sign me up for any day when it's socially acceptable to plop down in a bar stool at 10 a.m. and not move for the next few hours.

The Clothes. And Makeup.
I love the general sloppiness of it all and how that's acceptable.  Apparently, this is not the case in the south, where they wear dresses and pearls to tailgate (what?!)  Here, we do keg stands and play flip cup in the mud so it's jeans, t-shirts, and flip flops and that appeals to my casual side.  I dress up enough all week, so on the weekends I want to be scrubby and have that be totally acceptable.  Club going heels wearer I am not.  I also love the makeup that goes with it.  Some glitter eye shadow in your team's color, a nice sticker or temporary tattoo of the mascot on your cheek, boom, done.

Fantasy Football.
I don't play fantasy anything except professional football, and I love it.  It makes the entire day more interesting because you have a reason to actually watch and care about the other teams besides your home team.  Even better if there's money and pride and a possible trophy on the line.  Our league is the same each year so we can get pretty competitive, even in the off season.  And I'm pretty good at it too, which is always fun.  Anyone have any team name ideas for me this year?

Have Football, Will Travel.
Anywhere you go, you make new friends!  I love taking road trips to other stadiums (top, Illinois, bottom, Purdue) to watch the Hawkeyes because you don't have to have a plan or even know anyone.  Hawkeye fans travel anywhere and everywhere.  It's why we're always invited to a bowl game even if we don't deserve it, because our fans will sell out the stadium and the hotels and spend money.  Everyone is friendly so we usually bring some beer and then wander around until we find people to feed us.

Are you a football fan and excited for this season?  College or pro?  Who's your favorite team?  Let me know in the comments.

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