6 Podcasts to Add to Your List

My days have been involving a lot of podcasts lately.  (Am I the only one that keeps typing it as podcats and then having to go back and correct it?)  Podcasts and audio books, because like I've mentioned, I can't read anything on my commute to and from work because I get motion sickness like a little kid.  Depending on the timing of my bus, my commute can take anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, each way (usually it's 45 minutes), so that gives me a lot of time to just listen to stuff.  Based on other people's recommendations and my own bouncing around the iTunes library, I've found a few podcasts that I think are worth telling you about.

The Slow Home Podcast.  You might know the host from her blog, Slow Your Home, if you're generally a fan of minimalism and 'slowing down' your fast paced life.  Which is what this podcast is all about - how to simplify life, say no to more things so you have the time and energy to devote to the things you actually care about.  The topics vary widely under this umbrella, from how to reduce your food waste and plastic usage to the basics of meditation.  It's all incredibly interesting and you come away from each episode with tons of ideas to incorporate in your own life.

The Fantasy Footballers.  Clearly you can tell from the title that this is only for you if you play fantasy football, which I do.  And I happen to know that quite a few of my readers do to, so if you're in a league this year, give this a listen.  New episodes daily during football season, how can you beat it?  You'll get tons of information who to trade, who to pick up, who's injured or on bye week and what the good backups are.  It's essential if you want to win, because you just don't have time to do all that research yourself.

Missing Richard Simmons.  The host of this link up, Lauren, first recommended this but I didn't have time to listen until just now.  It's only 6 episodes so it's not an ongoing podcast, you can listen to it quickly.  It's exactly what it sounds like - exploring the reasons the formerly very public Richard Simmons of 'Sweatin' to the Oldies' fame suddenly disappeared and hadn't been seen in many years.  He's since reported being fine and only in contact with a few close family members and friends, but it's still pretty bizarre.  Bizarre for him.  Personally, I'd love to stay home and see almost no one for over 2 years, but that's just me.

The West Wing Weekly Go ahead and feed your obsession that still lingers even though the show is over.  This podcast is co-hosted by Josh Malina, who played speech writer Will Bailey on the show.  Each episode of the podcast discusses an episode of the show, usually with a guest celebrity who appeared in that episode.  So obviously it's more fun if you've seen all the episodes.  They're currently working through season 3, which means you have lots to catch up on and lots to come.

Spirits.  I love this one.  Their own description says it best :"Spirits is a boozy biweekly podcast about mythology, legends and lore.  Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks."  I love all that mythology stuff but this podcast goes much deeper and teaches me all kinds of things I didn't know, and I learn about ones I've never heard of.  Plus of course I'm on board with the whole sitting around a drinking with friends vibe.

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!  This is by NPR and it's a weekly radio quiz show with questions based on current events that they ask to celebrity guest panelists.  It's so funny, plus you learn stuff.  If you like stand up comedy skits or used to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?, this is right up your alley.  See if you're smarter than the celebrities they have each week.

Some of these podcasts I only know about because I regularly read all the recommendations posts that link up with Lauren and Bre each month, so if you were the one who posted about it originally, thank you!  Add your own recommendations (podcasts or otherwise) to the list here:

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