I'm The Kind of Person Who

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... talks to my dog.

... always sends thank you notes.

... finds one thing I love and keeps buying it instead of trying new brands.

... votes.

... gets asked for directions daily.

... corrects people when they're wrong.  Or rude.  I live for confrontation.

... loves making goals list and checking things off it. 

... makes lists about lists.

... listens more than talks.

... puts spiders back outside.

... loves Nicolas Cage movies.

... always pays in correct change.

... must reach Inbox Zero daily, for my sanity.

... doesn't include Halloween decor in my personal list of 'clutter.'

... names inanimate objects.  And the spiders I put back outside.

... keeps my nails painted.

... keys cars and lights his stuff on fire, not sits with you through the Notebook.  Call me for revenge plots and busting shit up, not empathy and tears.

... always decides which restaurant to eat at.

... remembers the lyrics to every song I've ever heard, and every commercial from my childhood.  Here's a jingle for goldfish, those baked and not fried goldfish.

... hates pop.  And calls it pop, not soda.

... always gets all my friends home safe at the end of the night.

... never checks voicemail.

... cares very deeply about all animals, and very little about mankind in general.

... gives every item a home, and that home is never the countertop.

... automates as much as possible so I don't have to think about it.

... sugarcoats nothing.

... plans really far in advance.

I swear this post idea came from Steph in some form but I can't find hers for the life of me so as soon as she comments (which she will, because she's awesome) I will update this and let you know (a) that I'm not crazy and (b) the exact link.  UPDATE: It's here!

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