Make Quick Money (Without Annoying Your Readers)

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I don't blog about blogging, I think there's enough of that around.  Plus most of my readers are not bloggers, so it wouldn't apply.  But I've been using a pretty quick and easy way to make $100 a month with about 5 minutes of work, and it doesn't have anything to do with having a blog, so I figured I should share that.  Because that's what friends do.

One of the ways to make money with blogging is to use affiliate links.  That's where you use a special unique to you link to a product.  It tracks how many people click that link and then buy the product.  I use them around my blog in posts like my Three on Thursdays.  I don't use them often or even in most posts, but some bloggers do and it can really annoy your audience, so I try not to go crazy with it.  (It's especially annoying when a blogger says 'I really love this product!' and then links the words 'this product' without saying what it is, forcing you to click the link.  Don't be that person, ever.  Give people the option to google the product on their own if they're that intent on not giving you 5 cents by clicking.)

But there's no denying that it's a solid way to make money.  So I wanted to figure out how to be able to use it more without annoying you guys.  Enter Pinterest.  Here's the great thing with Pinterest: it's a search engine, not social media.  So your number of followers doesn't matter in terms of getting your pins seen and clicked on.  That's great news because it means you can make money without a big following and without having a blog.  Not all of your pins get seen by all of your followers anyway, based on the Pinterest algorithm, so you won't be annoying your followers there with this strategy either.  And the strategy is simply to create pins, upload them directly to Pinterest without involving your blog, use your affiliate link on them, and make money.


It's easy, I assure you, but first, you need to sign up for an affiliate network so you can create those links.  I use ShopStyle Collective.  There isn't an approval process for this particular site like there are for some others, so your traffic stats don't matter.  You don't even need a blog to sign up, you can just input your social media, and if I remember correctly, it's immediate approval and you can start working.


To make my images, I use Picmonkey or Canva, because you can select 'Pinterest sized' for the images.  I prefer Picmonkey because they have various Pinterest formatted sizes so if you really want the pin to stand out, you can select the medium or long size and make a bigger pin.  You can find these under 'Design' and then 'Templates.'

ShopStyle Collective is the only one that lets you affiliate link to Etsy, which I find a lot of success with.  I either pull the images from a single Etsy product or a collection of products and upload those to Picmonkey, add text, and save it.  (You can see the difference in the pins I made on the cash envelope versus the Harry Potter home decor.)


I upload these images directly to Pinterest, without ever posting them here.  To do that, click the red plus sign in the top right corner and select upload image.

You'll get a screen like below, just upload the image that you made.

In the box that says 'Destination URL,' that's where you enter your unique tracking link.  To get this, I installed the 'LinkIt' tool from ShopStyle that goes in your toolbar at the top of your browser, so you can get a link from any website.  For Etsy, I use either that product's direct page, if it's just one, or I make a collection of favorite products and link to my own collection's main page.


That's it!  When people search for Harry Potter or the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system, my pins come up in their search results, and I make money when they click through to see those products.  I currently make about $100 a month with this strategy - I only used the Etsy links on Pinterest for two months so I could directly track the payoff, so I'm sure about that figure.  This was July.

The best part is that I really only make 2 or 3 new Pinterest images each month, so the work I put in is super minimal.  It seems like more work when I type it all out like this, but it's just because you're seeing all the steps.  If you already make images for your blog, this will take you mere minutes.  I know this isn't my typical content but it helps me so I hope it helps you too, if you decide to try it!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  You can also join me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In addition to minimalism and organizing, I love all things 'real life' so use the hashtag #notentirelyperfect on social media so I can see your beautifully unstaged life.  On the top of the side bar to your right, you can follow me on Bloglovin or subscribe via e-mail to be alerted to each new post.


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