Popular Things I Can't Stand

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I don't try to dislike things just because they're popular.  There are some very popular things that I think are fantastic!  I watched the Gilmore Girls revival, I burn Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles, I'm a Jennifer Lawrence fan, I want to vacation to Harry Potter World (again.)  I can totally get on board with popular.  But there are just some things that I don't grasp the appeal of.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  This is a major divisive issue this time of year.  There's no one who is middle of the road on this.  You either love the pumpkin spice or you hate it.  I'm in that hate it camp.  I actually hate anything sweet in my coffee, no matter what the flavor.  I used to like a few of the sweeter drinks when I was younger but my taste buds have changed.  And I don't enjoy pumpkin spice anything else either, it's not my flavor or smell of choice.  It's very ... synthetic.  Too fake.

Fake Ice Cream.  On a similar note, I hate those fake ice creams that are super popular lately, like Halo Top.  It's just loaded with fake sugar and strange ingredients, it doesn't really even taste like ice cream.  If you want ice cream, just indulge in the real stuff, in moderation, and eat a low calorie healthy dinner instead.

Phone Games.  I can't stand playing games on my phone because it just feels like a giant waste of time.  Of course, everyone needs downtime in their day, but playing stuff on my phone is definitely not the way I want to spend mine - I'd rather watch YouTube videos, my favorite TV shows, read books, etc.  Phone games just are not fun for me, and I think that stems from not like virtual games in general, since I don't play computer games or video games either.

Nude/Brown Lips.  I've never been able to pull this off, I look dead.

Taylor Swift.  I only like her old country stuff.  I can't think of a single pop song of hers I enjoy.  Plus I just find her annoying at this point - I used to be able to just ignore her and her news, reveling slightly every time she made Kanye look bad (not that that's hard), but she's so pervasive now that it's hard to just pretend she isn't real.  I also really dislike people who play the victim card.... and then she either complains about that characterization of her, or she pokes fun at it; how about just stop playing victim?  You're nearly 30 for crying out loud.  Since the release of her new album though, I'm kind of getting the feeling she's not as popular as she used to be, I'm reading a lot more about how people don't like her and are annoyed by her.  She still makes this list though.

Lena Dunham.  She's just such a shitty human being, it boggles my mind how anyone is actually a fan of hers.  But they must be, since her awful TV show was popular, and she runs a podcast that people apparently listen to.  If she really is considered something popular, then she shoots to the top of this 'can't stand it' list.

Bacon.  Obviously.  I don't eat meat.

Energy Drinks.  I love coffee so I can't understand why someone would rather drink a Red Bull? That stuff smells like poison!  Gag.

Facebook.  I forget it exists, honestly, until someone new says 'omg you're not on Facebook?'  No. I'm an adult.

Red (and Pink) Eyeshadow.  I can do some light pinks but I hate red/dark pink/burgundy whatever eyeshadow trend.  Basically the entire Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette everyone is in love with.  Red eyeshadow makes you look sick, it just does.  I have yet to see anyone pull it off successfully.  (Also side rant: I'm getting real sick of blogger telling me 'eyeshadow' is spelled incorrectly, in the makeup world it's one f-ing word, deal with it, spell check.)

Gallery Walls.  Oh I know this one will put me in the hot seat.  I hate gallery walls.  Obviously I don't like them in my own house because I'm a minimalist, but I don't like them in anyone else's house either, it always looks so cluttery, messy, and overwhelming to the eye, and there's always at least one that's tilted and my OCD CANNOT handle that.  I have multiple very good friends who read this who are all about the gallery walls (Betsy, Steph), so I know they're popular!  But I can't get on board.

What's on your list of popular things you just can't stand?

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