Friday, September 15, 2017

Transition Your Home For Fall

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One week out, so we've already started the process around here of transitioning to fall and winter, both inside and outside the home as well as in the closets and even with my skincare.  I thought I would share a few of the ways you can also transition your home.  Some of the things in the post I did cover in my annual home maintenance calendar post, but I'll repeat them here in case you missed it.


Let's get the less fun maintenance type stuff that needs to be done in the fall out of the way first:

Cover and store any outdoor furniture.  Leaving chairs and barbecues, or any lawn maintenance tools, outside and uncovered during winter isn't a great idea if you live in a harsher climate like we do.  Things will get rusty and dirty and you'll end up having to replace them much sooner than if you just took the steps to care for them.  So make room in the garage or shed and move them if you can, but at the very least, make sure they have a good cover over them.  We're pushing this until the last minute because it's still nice enough outside for us to grill and sit around with cocktails.  Usually, we're able to get away with this until the week before Halloween.  Halloween itself tends to be rainy (always) and cold here, and then the first week of November is no fun to be cleaning and putting these things away.

Inspect windows and doors.  When the air cools, you can easily feel if any drafts are coming in.  Fix those now before the real cold starts and save on your energy bills.

Winterize the A/C unit.  All my mom does is bungee cord a giant tarp over hers, it doesn't have to be difficult.  If you have any window units, it's also time to take those out.

Clean the gutters and inspect the roof.  If things have started falling off your trees, it's time to make sure the gutters are cleaned.  Which is also a good time to inspect the roof for any damage.  It's much easier, safer, and cheaper to fix these things now than it is to need emergency repair when it's snowing in December.

Get a programmable thermostat.  If you don't already have one, a programmable thermostat can save you a ton of money on your heating bills, because you can set it for a lower temperature when you're not home.  We got the Nest one because we were able to get $150 off through the rebates from our electric company and our gas company.  It's really cool.  Mostly because it has an app so I can set it from bed or downstairs on the couch.  #lazy  But it also uses the apps to sense when our phones aren't in the house, like it learns our work patterns so it can automatically adjust when we're not home.  Love it.  (If you want a review on all the details of it, let me know.)

Switch the fan blades.  Some people don't use fans in fall and winter, but we still do.  Fans don't make it cold, they just circulate the air.  In the summer, they go counterclockwise and pushes the cool air downwards.  You should feel the air flow.  In the winter, they go clockwise - it sucks up the cooler air and pushes the warm air down (heat rises) so you spend less trying to heat your home.  To switch directions, there's a button on the base of the unit, above the blades and closer to the ceiling.  Just flip it!

Prep the entryway.  I make sure there's enough hangers in the front closet for our own coats and for guests coats, and we also put down mats and trays for shoes, to stop as much of the snow, mud, and everything else from getting tracked in as possible.


Alright, on to the things that are way more fun and cozy than winterizing your air conditioning unit:

Bring on the blankets.  The downstairs couch actually has a blanket on it all year long because John and Hawkeye like the air conditioning super cold down there.  But upstairs, I store all the blankets in the spring and bring them out in the fall.  I have an extra for the downstairs as well, and one on Hawkeye's bed that my mom crocheted for her (I swear.)  Besides the one my mom made, all of ours are from Target.  Love love love the fluffy oversized one and as my friends who stay over can vouch, it's everyone's favorite.

Change the bedding.  At the first sign of a break in the heat, I switch to soft flannel sheets and a heavy but cozy duvet on our bed.  I love flannel sheets, they make the bed so warm and cozy.

Prep your closet.  Personally, I keep my entire wardrobe out all year round, but we did have to pull John's long sleeved shirts out of his storage boxes and make room for those.  If you rotate your seasonal items, start putting away the tank tops and shorts and bringing out the cardigans jeans.

Pull out the candle stash.  Personally, I burn candles all year long.  There's plenty of spring and summer scents I love.  But I know a lot of people only burn them in the fall and winter, so if that's you, it's time to bring the stash out and start using them.  My Bath and Body Works candle favorites for this time of year include Marshmallow Fireside, Sweater Weather, Leaves.

Change out hair and skincare items.  I don't always change up my makeup for the fall, other than lip color, because I don't tan at all in the summer.  But I do change out my hair and skincare items because I have different needs in those areas in the colder months.  I'll share a couple of favorites tomorrow, but in general I need more moisture.  In the summer I use a lotion on my face, but in the winter, heavier creams are everything.  I need more leave in conditioner to prevent hair frizziness and more heat protectant because I can't get away with letting my hair air dry for 2 days like I can in the summer (going out with damp hair into the cold is the worst, both for damaging your hair and for being miserable.)

Do you switch your home around for fall?  Started on anything yet?


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