3 Fictional Characters I'm Most Like

Originally I was considering which fictional characters I think would describe me best to see if I could craft a Halloween costume out of any of them and when that question made my list of blog post ideas, I knew I had to write about it at some point.  However, I just couldn't think about enough things I wanted to say about each one to make it a real post.  I mean, I don't think I need to explain why I'm most like Karen Walker, I think you can get the gist from just reading my blog or following my Instagram.

So instead, I simply started with that list and then moved on to the other 3 things that Steph, Jenn, Erin, Heather, and Lauren have posted.

3 Fictional Characters I'm Most Like
 - Karen Walker
 - Max Black

 - April Ludgate

3 Favorite Songs
 - Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
 - Real World by Matchbox 20
 - Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

3 Favorite Movies
 - Empire Records
 - Boondocks Saints
 - The Goonies

3 Shows I Watched Faithfully From Beginning to End While They Aired
 - Gilmore Girls
 - Dawson's Creek
 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3 Funny Things
 - Scott Disick
 - Trash Pandas
- The Golden Girls

3 Places I Want to Visit Inside the U.S.
 - Nashville
 - Harry Potter Theme Park (again)
 - Denver

3 Things I Always Have With Me
 - Lip Balm
 - Dog Poop Bags
 - Dog Treats

3 Most Used Makeup Products
 - Mascara
 - Lip Balm
 - Concealer

3 Things Always in My Fridge or Freezer
 - Pedialyte Popsicles
 - Mustard
 - Dog Food

3 Things I Always Dread
 - Taking the Trash Out
 - Eye Doctor Appointments (mostly the drops)
 - Washing My Hair

3 Famous People I'd Like to Meet
 - Nicolas Cage
 - Joshua Jackson
 - Christopher Walken

Let me know if you have your own three/five things post, I love to check them out.

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