Last Minute Lazy Girl Costumes

Like I showed you Friday, I always dress up for Halloween.  I used to spend way more on my costumes, buying the pre-made super pretty (and let's be honest, super skanky) ones that you get at places like Part City and Spirit Halloween.  But I've gotten cheaper and less ridiculous over the years, with a lot of more creative DIY costumes.  Or sometimes I just wear a footed onesie because whatever, it's cold on October 31 in Chicago.  I start planning my costume pretty early so I can rope my friends into various group costumes, but there's always those couple of times that I add a last minute party to my to do list and I don't want to wear the same thing, so I turn to a list of easy and lazy last minute costumes that I pretty easily get together on a whim.

You're not winning creativity points, but hey, you're dressed for the occasion and you spent 0 (or minimal) dollars so I call that enough of a win:

Damien from Mean Girls.  It's literally a light blue hoodie and sunglasses, you can't get any easier than that.  Even better if you have a red head friend to wear an oversized pink polo shirt!

Snapchat Filters.  I love Em Ford makeup tutorials on YouTube, but her ideas for Snapchat filters are just beautiful.  Here's the butterfly filter and the galaxy filter.  Other YouTubers followed suit so there's tons of options now so I'm sure you'll find your favorite.

Wednesday Addams.  Do you have a white button up and a black long sleeve shirt or sweater?  Then you can be Wednesday.  Just do those classic low side braids and some pale makeup with heavy brows.  Easy!

Flight Attendant.  If you do have that white button up, pair it with a neck scarf and a fitted skirt for a flight attendant look.  You need luggage to really sell it.

Katniss.  Well, it does require some forethought if you want time to order yourself a mockingjay pin on Amazon, but if you have that, pin it to a black jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, a side french or dutch braid, green pants and brown boots.  The bow and arrows would be cool but trust me, the bars won't let you in with them anyway.  If you're more a Divergent fan, Tris Prior is even easier since it's an all black outfit and a ponytail.  Just be sure to wear a black tank top and draw some black birds on your collarbone.

Christmas Tree.  If you have a green dress already, just wrap yourself in a strand of battery operated lights and boom, you're a Christmas tree.  No green clothing?  Be a present instead and tie yourself in a bow.

Basic Bitch.  Bitch part optional but hey, could be fun to be a little snot all night to people you don't like.  For the basic part, you know the drill - skinny jeans or leggings, riding boots, oversized sweater, Starbucks cup in hand, bonus points for also donning some snapchat filter makeup.

90s Grunge.  A personal favorite since I never really evolved out of dressing this way anyway.  Get a worn t-shirt, bonus points for a band or concert shirt, ripped jeans, a flannel shirt to tie around your waist, and some dark lipstick.

What are your ideas for last minute costumes?  Or do you plan in advance?  Will you be dressing up this year?

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