The Garage of Doom

With Halloween approaching, I was reminded to show you something truly scary.

Our garage.

*Cue screams.*

This is haunting my nightmares, seriously.  It's so far our of control, it makes me physically itchy just looking at it.  The garage is John's domain, mostly.  His truck is too high to park in there, with the garage door opener hanging down, so he never put a priority on making it organized.  Since it was all tools and things for lawn maintenance (the stuff I never worry about), I never went in there.  But we were having gutter issues while John was at work and his dad came over to help, so I needed to get stuff out of the garage for him... and I was horrified.  It was way worse than I ever imagined, and I guess that's what I get for not even opening the door for months and months.  So I vowed that we were going to get rid of the junk and get it fixed up.

That was in the spring.  It's only gotten worse.  First of all, I just didn't have the time to get in there and do any work.  But then John added more things - a lot more.  He apparently still had some stuff at his parents' house, in his old room, and his mom wanted to refinish the floors of the entire upstairs after his brother also moved out.  Which meant John had to go clear out every single thing he still had there.  I had no idea how much it was.  I got an inkling though that it was really bad when he said 'don't go in the garage for awhile, I'll take care of it.'

But I just had to go in, see for myself, and it's definitely worse than I imagined.  It's going to take us a long time to sort it all, but I wanted you to see the 'before' pictures and then I'll post the after shots once we finally get them.

There's definitely a lot of trash and donation stuff in there, so it's not like it will all be staying.  But there is a lot that will be staying, and needs to be moved into the house.  Thank goodness we have the room for it since I own, you know, nothing.  Some things will stay in the garage.  All the lawn care stuff and ladders and big tools, that's garage type stuff anyway.  But it cannot stay splayed out all over the the floor like it was before, so I'll be hanging some hooks and shelving on the walls to deal with some of it, get it up to my organizing standards.  On a budget of course.  Which I hope will be semi-interesting to you?

But yep, this is the state of it.  Le sigh.

Is my garage better or worse than you expected?  Do you have a garage full of crap or can you actually park your car in it?

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