Things That Don't Annoy Me

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I have a quick post for you today because I am determined to get comments responded to.  I've been putting it off and I'm pretty behind.  Probably like 2 months behind but meh.  I don't plan on going that far back to respond but I do feel like I should tackle the last two weeks.  **UPDATE: I'm not doing it.  I'm too lazy.  I'll be better going forward, starting today.**  So today, a quick post about 5 things that don't annoy me.  (A departure from my usual and numerous pet peeves.)  It's not just things that don't annoy me in general though, but I'm specifically talking about here the things that seem to annoy a lot of other people, but don't bother me in the slightest.  I see them pop up often on lists of complaints or annoyances but they're never on mine.

Long airport security lines.  I'll wait 3 days if that's what it takes, go ahead and check every inch of everyone coming through.  There's enough ways flying sucks and my plane can be taken down, so someone purposefully trying to do it?  Shoot those motherfuckers on sight.  But anyway, I'm never bothered by the long lines.  I get, like... 'reverse' racially profiled when I'm with my dad.  My dad is Indian, so they don't want to always pull him out of line because the TSA doesn't want to get called out for racially profiling.  He's also got a pacemaker, so he gets the full check down anyway because he can't go through the detectors.  So they always target me, and my mom, instead, thinking that if I'm with him, I'm probably the one carrying any contraband since he knows he'll get checked.  I know how they think.  Totally fine by me, open all my bags and frisk away, I don't mind one bit!  Long lines because of chronic under-staffing and sheer laziness, that's annoying, but long lines because they're keeping everyone safe, well, there's no room for complaining there.  I'm done flying for my lifetime anyway, but if it did come up, you'd never hear me complain about the security wait.  (Everything else about airports and flying, yes, but the security, no.)

Wrapping gifts.  It drives John's sister crazy to have to wrap gifts.  I tell her to just bring them all over to my house!  I love wrapping presents, I wish I had more of an occasion to do so.  I'm also really really good at it.  I'm a perfectionist, so this is an ideal task for me.  There is a right way and a wrong way, there's an end result and straight lines to cut to get to the right spot.  I like that sort of definitive end game, I know what I'm working toward.  It's therapeutic, to perfect wrap a long line of gifts before Christmas.

Barking dogs.  Mine only barks when someone tries to leave our house.  Never when they come in, she got the guard dog memo totally backwards.  She's not bad though, she's a pretty quiet dog.  However, I don't even mind when other people's dogs bark.  Our neighbors have two big dogs so their barks are deep and loud, but they barely register on my radar.  My parents' dog Joey is a barker too, he's barks if the wind blows.  Still, doesn't bother me.  Dogs bark, it's what they do.  It's how they communicate.  Deal with it.

People calling pets their babies.  I feel like only people with human children get annoyed by this, and to them I say you're just a bunch of fucking assholes.  I love people who think of their pets as their babies!  I sure treat Hawkeye better than I would ever treat a human child.  So talk to me about your fur baby, call yourself their mom, show me 12,000 pictures of your 4 legged kids, I love it all.

Getting wet in the rain.  I honestly rarely bother with an umbrella or rain jacket because whatever it's just water.  It'll dry.  People get super worked up downtown, like the rain is messing up their hair/makeup/nice clothes.  I just don't care, it's easier to just get wet and then let it dry, no big deal!  I'd rather it be snow, of course, but I'm still not bothered by getting caught in the rain.

What's on your list?  Anything that seems to bug other people but doesn't bother you?

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