Wednesday, November 15, 2017

101 in 1001 Reflections (90% Done!)

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Oh yes, you read that right - I'm 90% done with my 2nd 101 in 1001 list.  Not time-wise, I still have 5 months left, but goals-wise, I've completed 91 things on the list.  And I've already started thinking about the next few I need to finish and the next list I play on starting next year.  The next list will be my 3rd one, and since I try to make them pretty different, it's getting harder to come up with ideas.  It takes a lot of reflection on past goals and looking forward to what life might be like 2 years from now, but it's an interesting and fun process.  It'll definitely take me the next 5 full months to come up with all my ideas for the next list, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some of my reflections on my last list in case you're thinking about some goals of your own for 2018.

The full list can be found here, if you want to see exactly what I've crossed off.

The holiday ones were easy for me.  I like holidays and celebrating, so I was able to check those off quickly.  There are still two Christmas/winter-y related things left that I plan on crossing off this December - shopping on Michigan Avenue when it's all decorated, and seeing the penguins and polar bear at Lincoln Park Zoo during Zoo Lights.  I'm confident in getting these done because we're already planning days for Zoo Lights, and I work right by the Mag Mile so it's easy enough to stop over after work one day.  I don't know that I'll have a separate section related just to holidays this time around because it's almost too easy.  But I'll still have some related to celebrating in general, because that's what makes my list fun as well as beneficial.

The Chicago related ones were a bit harder.  It took planning and scheduling to remember to do them, because when we have a free night or weekend to go out, we tend to stick with what we already know and like.  I had to really remember to check the 101 list and plan out those new things to do, particularly hitting all the main museums.  John gets in for free because he's a Chicago firefighter, but I don't, so I had to plan around museum free days and Illinois resident discount days.  I'm glad we did everything though, because it was a lot of traditional Chicago-y things that John had never done, despite living here his whole life.

101 bars and restaurants and 101 different beers and drinks was a piece of cake though, those were among the first I crossed off.  I thought it would be harder, but we like to bar crawl, so I easily would hit 10 new bars in a day.  I'm always trying new sour or fruity beers if they catch my eye, so it really wasn't even necessary to make a challenge out of it.  I'm still trying new bars and new beers, but I stopped keeping count.  We're way past 101 on both fronts though, easily.

The house goals were also easy because I made the list before we had our exact house picked out, though we were hunting at the time.  Ended up already being painted and done, and the yard was fenced, so that checked those two things off right away!  I like being at home, and organizing it, so the rest of the home related things were quickly checked off as well.  There will definitely be a home section of goals on the next list though, because there's still a lot I want/need to do.

The relationships section was way harder, and something that's going to factor heavily into my next list.  Not because I didn't like the ones that were on there or who they were related to, but just because it's really hard to check off goals that involve someone else and their schedule.  I should have learned that with my first list, but it took two tries of this for me to figure that out.  Even if they want to do it, like going to a country night with Megan, finding a day that works with everyone's schedule is hard.  For the next list, I plan on having far less things that involve someone else doing something for me or with me.  If I can make it so that I'm the only one responsible for checking things off, that would be ideal!  And Betsy, since she does her own list at the same time, it's easy to count on her to do things with me; she's got the same motivation.

I'm really proud of the health ones I was able to tackle, so I anticipate health related goals being a bigger portion of the next list.  Having it written down, knowing I had to check it off, somehow made it more enticing.  I'm an externally motivated person, so I would never check off health goals for my own benefit (yeah, I'm that lazy.)  But put it on a list for the world to see?  I was able to go vegan, eat totally clean for 6 weeks, start drinking green tea and less coffee, get a treadmill that I actually use, regularly hit my 10,000 steps a day, and made tons of new recipes and learned how to save money doing so.  I even got Hawkeye healthier by making her homemade food and getting her teeth cleaned.

One thing in general that I switched up between the first and second list that I thought really helped me check a lot off was that I was much more aware of finances and time commitments when making this second list.  I had quite a few things on my first list that cost a lot - like travel - and also things that were just too big a project for that time frame - also travel, because that's a lot of vacation days for someone who doesn't like leaving home!  After looking at other people's list, travel seems to be the one that most people fail at, because they just list too much.  2.75 years is not as much time as you think it is when it comes to financing multiple big trips to other continents.  So I'll be sticking with this frugal mindset for the 3rd list as well, because I don't want any goals that will be super expensive, unless it's home improvement related.

Something else I'm keeping in mind for the next list is also to include some longer challenges, at least as far as time frame is concerned.  To make it more challenging.  I do still love the goals where it's one item, one day, and then you check it off right away, because it's motivating to see yourself making progress.  The ones I thought would take me longer didn't take me much time at all, so I plan on having a few that extend over year long, or more, time periods.

Having a list has proved beneficial overall though, because I'm obsessive about getting everything crossed off.  Of course, I'm not afraid to change a goal if it no longer suits me; I believe I changed 2 to 4 goals over the course of the last two years.  But in general, I just like to be able to say that I did all 101 things I set out to do.  I'm a list motivated person, what can I say.  I did consider not doing a 3rd one, but I enjoy the process too much to stop now (even if it is hard to come up with the goals!)  I plan on posting all about my next list once I finalize it, including a 'why' for each goal, which I think is just as important as the goal itself.

Are you thinking about goals for 2018 and beyond yet?  Your own 101 in 1001 list or a word for the year?  Let me know in the comments how you plan out your short and long term goals.

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