Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2018 Planners That Aren't Just Calendars

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Already researching your 2018 planner?  I'm not surprised - it's coming up quicker than you think and once the calendar changes to November 1, people start thinking about how close the new year is.  And there's so many planner options, so I know that planner people start researching and ordering really early!  Makes sense, because with all the fancy planners available now, it's a good chunk of change you're going to be spending.  Gotta get the best one.  I actually think I'm going to stick to my paper-free planning process for 2018.  If you remember, I made a list of 18 goals I was going to work on before the end of the year (I update that post with my progress instead of making new posts about it.  I've still got a lot to do!), and one of the goals was to look into paper planners for 2018 and determine what I was feeling on that front.  At the end of the day, I think the digital stuff is working too well for me right now to add a paper planner on top of that.  I just don't need it.  (I reserve the right to change my mind, because pretty.)

But in my hunting around, I found a ton of fun options that really caught my eye.  Mostly because they weren't just calendars.  Some people enjoy that, having a planner that just has months and days like the Erin Condren or Simplified Planner.  On some level, I get that - it's easy to see your schedule at a glance and check things off your to do list.  But do you really need to be shelling out that kind of cash for something that you can essentially pick up at Target for $10?  If you're going to be spending more, I think you should be getting more.  If you're in that same boat, here's what I found of interest that you might want to look into too:

Plum Paper All the prettiness of the Erin Condren layout and covers, but with all sorts of additional customization options on the inside.  There's actually 11(!) different ways to make the calendar pages on the inside, plus then you can add on sections that suit you.  They range from note pages and bill tracking pages dispersed throughout each month, to sections at the end related specifically to blogging, travel, meal planning, etc.  There's over 20 options, so it's the best way to get the perfect planner for you.  Of course, the add-ons run up the base price but even after the add-ons, it's on par with or slightly cheaper than the EC, which is crazy to me because you get so much more.  It's coil bound and has thick paper, it's generally a crowd favorite and used by many bloggers so if you need an in depth look at one, please leave a request in the comments and any number of my fabulous planner loving friends will leave you a link to their full review.  (If you like the idea of adding in pages and sections like this but prefer a binder style, try the Start Planner.)

Ink + Volt.  This is definitely a planner for goal setters.  The whole thing starts with pages in the front dedicated to setting goals and words for the year.  Then at the start of each month are pages for setting monthly goals and 31 day challenges and then each week is another page for weekly goals.  It's great for managing long term goals because you have the room to break it into smaller pieces, plus pages for reflective journaling.  It's also helpful if you run multiple business or hobbies (blog, Etsy store, regular job, etc.) because there's plenty of room for all the goals and weekly to dos associated with those things.  These are hard bound planners that are smaller in overall size, which is awesome for durability and portability.  It's not spiral bound, but having had the Ink + Volt in the past, I can promise you it does lay flat.  (Also of note for those who like the 30 day challenge idea, Commit30 could be for you.)

Passion Planner Similar to the Ink + Volt, I recommend this to goal setters who (a) have a lot of different plates in the air and (b) need to focus.  There's tons of room and list areas for different to dos, so you won't run out of writing space, but the planner also focuses on the big picture and long term life mapping with it's set up.  There's reflective questions and journal space at the end of each month so you can track how you're doing on the goals that you can set up at the very beginning of the planner in the 'passion road map.'  The road map is great for visual people who want to plan for the future and also need some step by step directions as to how to put those plans into action.  (A similar option would be the Make Shit Happen planner.  And I just like the name.)

The Content Planner.  I posted this on Instagram a couple weeks ago, everyone thought it was pretty.  This is essentially for bloggers, because it's a planner focused on content and social media.  If growing your blog is high on your list for 2018, then I recommend this one.  It's got the space for your editorial calendar, but also has tons of room for planning for the future and related goals, and for planning out all your social media shares as well.  It even has helpful tips and shares what holidays are coming up, like National Taco Day, so you don't miss anything.  Something fun to note here is that they current have a printable November and December version here for just $3 so if you want to try it out before committing, that's a great option.  (The Epic Blog planner is a paperback option if you want something lighter to carry around.)  Update: the creator of the Content Planner provided me with some beautiful images to share with you guys, enjoy!

There's never anything wrong with a planner that's just the basics, if that's what gets the job done for you.  But if you need something with a little more bells and whistles, hopefully something on this list caught your eye.  Are you getting a paper planner for 2018?  Already ordered one?  Which one are you going with?

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