Friday, November 3, 2017

Birthday Wish List: Then and Now

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We are officially approaching my birthday.  It's November 20, in case you haven't noticed that all my social media accounts are 'stephs1120.'  Something about that switch of the calendar from Halloween to November makes me totally get into birthday mode.  I know November also has Thanksgiving but since I don't care at all about that holiday, it's just birthday month in my book.  As a kid, I would have spent the first week of November making a combined birthday and Christmas wish list complete with a color coded map of the mall for my mom.  I was a greedy little only child, what can I say!  Times sure have changed though, because now when people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas my answers are more like 'please give me a gift card to the grocery store and by the way this is the $25 a bag brand of dog food Hawkeye eats.'  #adulting.  As a total 90s kid, though, I thought it would be fun to look back at exactly what I used to request for gifts:


Easy Bake Oven.  Got it.  And used it!  I loved that little thing.  It's probably why I'm still better at (and prefer) baking desserts over cooking meals.

Everything in the American Girl Catalog.  Got it.  And if you ever want to relive your childhood, every single last scrap of it is in labelled boxes in my parents' attic because my mom is the one who is sentimentally attached to it all.  Me, I'm more like 'MOM SELL IT IT'S WORTH SO MUCH' but she doesn't listen.  I have Samantha and Kirsten, and literally every single thing from the Samantha line (including a matching burgundy dress for myself... and the green velvet Molly one.)  Plus more from every other line because I think my mom actually wanted all of those things for herself.

Pogo Sticks and/or Moon Shoes.  Did not get it.  I think it was probably my dad that had vetoed these things and something I would break my legs and ankles using and to be fair, he wasn't wrong.  Still, they look REALLY cool, and I'm super sad I never got anything like it!

Breyer Horses.  I can't believe these still exist.  Also, was this even a generalized big thing in the 90s or was it just us horse girls?  If you've read for awhile, you know I grew up with horses (we still have 4) and rode for years and spent a solid chunk of my childhood on farms and racetracks with my childhood bff Jackie, who was born one day after me.  (Yes, we are still friends.)  Her and I had so many Breyer horses and accessories, we loved them - huge with the horse girls crowd, because they looked like real horses as opposed to My Little Pony.  Every picture of us, you can see us with at least one of these horses in hand. 

Polly Pocket.  Back when it was the teeny tiny pieces that (a) actually could fit in your pocket and (b) also up your nose.  Which is why they stopped making them, I assume.  I never actually carried them anywhere, but I do remember playing with them a ton and having a lot of the different little compacts.

LimitedToo Everything.  Pink blow up furniture being top of that list, which I definitely had.  And for a long time, like I even remember it still being in the basement when I was in college.  I got a ton of other stuff at LimitedToo as well, like lava lamps and pillows, but not as much clothing.  Clothing I got from Delia's, I loved Delia's.

I had a heck of a lot of things on this list too, but I don't remember asking for them.  They just appeared.


Cash.  Always.

Gift Cards.  And yes, to the grocery store and the pet store, I was serious about that.

New Knives.  Or to have ours sharpened.  And new pots and pans.  And all the Pioneer Women cookbooks.  Why can't everything be as easy as the Easy Bake Oven?  Cooking requires stuff.

Hair Care Products.  And highlights and a trim.  I would say that after groceries, this is where a solid chunk of my money goes.  I think I might be good on products at the moment, but that doesn't mean I won't need them soon.  As for the highlights, well, I haven't gotten my hair done since April and my mom has been telling me I need to go since like July so...

Bissell Perfect Sweep.  Because I hate using a regular broom and dustpan, and it's usually really annoying to drag out the vacuum for small projects like the kitchen and entryway.  Even setting the robot vacuum to run upstairs isn't always worth the effort.  I'm dying to get this little guy just to keep in the front hall closet, I think it would be perfect.  Clean all the things.

Doggie DNA Test for Hawkeye.  What, I gotta have at least one fun thing on here!  I know she's a solid amount of Pomeranian, or at least German Spitz in general, but that can't be all she is, since Poms are supposed to by 8 pounds and she's like... twice that.  And she's not just fat, I swear.

Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candles They're never not on my list.  And the Christmas/New Year scents are out now, which I love!  Champagne Toast, alllll year long in my house.

My how times have changed indeed.  What were some things you really wanted as a kid?

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