Don't Gift a Puppy For Christmas

aka things Tara learned getting Beau.  If you read my post yesterday, you know I wasn't quite sure what to post this week, if anything, so I dumped up a post that Tara had written for me that I was going to post closer to Christmas.  But seeing as how every other advertisement is Christmas related already, it's relevant.  And something we both feel very strongly about!

Hello All,

As you may know, either because you read this blog regularly or because you read my infrequent blog posts or because you follow the Steph and Tara Show, I recently got a new pupper. Beau (full name Sergeant Beauregard Macaroni of the 32nd Doggeros, Hero of the Squirrel Ridge Incident) is a loving, troublesome, purebred Bichon Frise whose former owners decided they just didn’t want him anymore.

HOW CAN YOU JUST DECIDE SOMETHING LIKE THAT? This led to a discussion with Steph on how many dogs end up in shelters in January because people get or give puppies as a holiday gift without realizing how much work/time/money is involved. DON’T DO THAT! As an adult there are some important factors to be considered prior to bringing a new being (whether dog, another pet, or baby) into your home.

1. TIME: Puppies (and puppers and dogs) all need a large investment of time. No matter the age or situation of your new dogger, there is going to be a period of adjustment for both you and them. This is completely natural and I am sorry but it is just going to take some time. Don’t get or give a dog when there is a lot going on- if a family has a newborn I guarantee they do not have time to worry about housetraining a puppy. Think about these things before any pet decisions are made!

2. MONEY: Not going to lie- dogs are expensive. Whether is it an adoption fee, vet bills, pet supplies, safety equipment, pets cost money. Just a few things that I have bought in the few months I have had Beau- he had to get neutered, needed a leash and collar, an invisible fence was installed so he could run around, and grooming. This doesn’t include the ongoing costs of food and toys (and miscellaneous things like a Halloween costume).  

3. ENERGY: Do you have the energy to run around with a dog? Beau is 8 lbs (~3.6kg) and he needs to go on short walks at least 4 times a day. He is still under 2 years old so this may lessen some but he is always going to need exercise. Younger dogs and larger dogs need even more! This is not only a time commitment but also takes energy.

While I thought about a lot of these considerations before I agreed to take on a new dog but Beau has reinforced the importance of planning on how a dog (or any pet) will fit into your life before you get one. If you don’t know then WAIT.

And now after that entire rant- here are some adorable pictures of Beau for you to enjoy!

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