What I'm Not Gonna Buy

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The deals weekend is almost upon us.  I'd say 'Black Friday' but it actually starts tomorrow and continues into next week.  I don't participate in Black Friday.  That's not to say I don't buy anything all weekend - in fact, it's one of the best deal times all year for Bath and Body Works candles, my obsession - but I do it online and don't obsess about getting to the store at midnight.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Kimberly Clark, started these 'anti-haul' videos in response to the rampant consumerism that surrounds the holidays.  I've mentioned how much I love them in a previous Three on Thursday post, but if you missed them, you can check out her entire playlist here.  These are just a few things I decided I definitely won't be buying right now.

Televisions and Other Electronics
I mean, mostly we don't need them.  But also because the companies that sell them, like Best Buy, have flat out said that Black Friday is not their best sales of the year for these items!  The super marked down items are always very limited in quantity and not always the best quality or the exact item you think it's going to be.  It's not worth it to try to snag one, when you could just wait for the next sale on the exact item you want/need.  (BTW, flat screen prices are the best the weekend of the Super Bowl, if you actually need one.)

Holiday Collection Makeup Palettes
Personally, I don't think holiday collection makeup is for seasoned makeup users.  I think it's geared towards beginners or casual makeup users, something that's a fun little gift.  And that's fine, for your 13 year old niece.  But it's just not for makeup enthusiasts with it's gimmicky packaging and 'omg limited edition' pressure to buy.  It's never as good of quality as what the brand makes the rest of the year, period.  Kimberly Clark's first anti-haul video was actually all about holiday releases, for these reasons and more.  Plus I think, what if I actually end up really liking something?  Then it'll never be available again?!  That's crazy.  Hard pass.

Kits of Any Kind
Kits come out around this time too, along with holiday palettes.  There's always Sephora favorites kits, or things like Bite Beauty minis.  While these kits are the same products available year round so they don't suffer from the same quality issues the specialty palettes do, they're still not something I'm interested in because I almost never like every single item in the kit.  The color or formula will be wrong, or if it's across brands, something will be non-cruelty free.  I'd rather spend more on the full size of a single product I know I like rather than buy a kit at a discount and not use half the stuff in it.

Holiday Decor
There's a lot of enticing sales surrounding things like Christmas trees and ornaments, but again, like the electronics, Black Friday is not the best sales day of the year for these things.  If you don't absolutely need them for this Christmas (and I don't), then buy everything after Christmas and save it for next year.  The couple of days after the holiday, any holiday, are always the best times to buy.

But only because I don't need any.  I have, in years past, seen some fabulous deals on clothes at this time, so if it's on your list, you should consider it.

What are you not going to buy this weekend?

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