Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My End of Year Declutter

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Making that post about what to do with the stuff you declutter really got my butt in gear.  Finally got some donations out to the center, I'm feeling good about that!  I didn't try too hard, but I did wander around and do a sweep of our home, bagging up anything I knew wasn't serving it's purpose anymore.  Mostly my clothes, but some other things as well.

Surprisingly, to everyone including me, I remembered to take some photos before I took everything away.  And I don't really know why I decided to turn it into a blog post instead of just an Instagram story or something, but I personally enjoy seeing what other people are getting rid of on their minimalism journeys so maybe you'll like seeing mine too.  It's motivating and it's also helpful because it reminds you of places and things in your home that you need to declutter too.

Anyway, some of my stuff leaving:

The large pink bag was replaced by a weekender John got me for my birthday, which is better because it sits flat, has a laptop spot, and has the separate bottom spot.  It's from Target and on sale right now, if you're interested, as is the wallet pictured.  The wallet also made that little black and white coin pouch unnecessary.  And in the same vein of things being replace by Target products, I finally got rid of the awful pillows that came with the couch, which are full of feathers that I am very much allergic to.  (I have the white pillows and the plaid pillows now.)  Also pictured are some pj pants, gloves, and a travel toiletries bag I hadn't been using.

Okay so not everything was donated - those shoes have seen better days, so they had to go.  But the clothes were donated!  A dress I wasn't wearing, a tank top, some yoga pants and ... wait for it... some of John's clothes!!  5 shirts and a jacket, I couldn't believe it either.  He actually picked them to get rid of, I had nothing to do with it.

Again, mostly my clothes heading out, things that were still perfectly wearable but that just didn't suit me for one reason or another.  Like that super light chambray that just washes me out, and the blue top that isn't long enough for my tastes so I'm constantly pulling it down.  Also leaving are a few hair accessories.  I do like headbands and bows, just not those particular ones.

Besides the few clothing items pictured (I'm great about staying on top of my wardrobe), I was also able to declutter our old silverware organizer since we upgraded, as well as a pair of sunglasses, my old makeup storage container since I have way less makeup now, and a bow, like for wrapping presents.  I don't know, it's still perfectly new, maybe they'll take it?!

There were even some things not pictured, because let's get real - I just got tired of laying shit out to photograph.  (I also took these four photos only one time each, and I didn't edit them.  Good blogger I am decidedly not.)  It ended up being 3 full bags of stuff heading out, which always feels great.  I never fail to be surprised by how much I'm still able to donate, even though I'm clearly a minimalist.  But stuff never stops coming in, so staying on top of it really is a constant process.  If you're thinking about stuff you need to clear out, I recommend you do it now and get the tax write off before the end of the year.  Everyone wins.

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