Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Christmas Decor

The last week before Christmas, I can't believe it.  Since the time is almost up for enjoying our decor, I wanted to make sure I took pictures before it gets packed up.  Plus it's always fun to take pictures of our house right after the cleaning lady has been here.  We really don't do much in the way of Christmas decor, at the moment.  Since we don't have outdoor electrical outlets in the front of the house, our light hanging is non-existent.  Hopefully that will change by next year!  I'm also not the type to change out home decor by holiday or season.  As in, I don't put Christmas towels in the bathrooms or holiday sheets on the bed.

So our decor is contained just in the living room and the dining room, which we're really enjoying.  We have some plans to expand over the years, but for this year, it's perfect.  Here's what it looks like!

This is my tree, which I got while in law school from Macy's.  They have an amazing after Christmas sale, and they sell their floor model trees at a massive discount.  This is a huge tree, pre-lit, flocked with fake snow, and I paid about $200.  It was originally priced at $1,000.  Isn't that insane?  It was the model they had on the floor during the season, which was therefore lit up, so they just couldn't guarantee how long the lights would last.  They are removable, so I can always re-string a new strand of lights if one dies but guess what?  Not one has gone out in the 8 or 9 years since I've had this tree.  Highly recommend after Christmas sales, guys.  They also don't deliver the floor model trees so yes, I had my friend carry it all the way out through the mall and into his truck.  Thanks, Marcus.

Most of the ornaments are from Crate and Barrel.  All the round glittery bulbs, the snowflakes, the garland.  The letters (for Steph, John, and Hawkeye) are from Pottery Barn.  The fluffy white tree skirt, which I love because it looks like snow, is from Target.  The gold deer are from a craft sale many years ago.

We do have some ornaments that aren't all matchy matchy.  (Yes, the Hawkeye paw print is mine, a gift from Betsy, though I still need to put her name on it and everything.)  Personally, I love the matching, perfect tree in neutral sparkle colors with white lights.  And John loves it too, because of how good it looks with our house, but he grew up with the colored lights and the tons of kid-made ornaments.  Right now the tree is a compromise because he still wanted to hang the other ornaments he has, but he put them in the back so you can't see them unless you're looking.  I told him he didn't have to (in fact, I was the one that bought him that fire ornament!) but he wanted the look of the fancy tree.  Next year, we're getting a second tree to put in our sun room, because we'll have a back deck finally and that room will actually get used.  The second tree will house all of his sentimental and fun ornaments.

We have two bits of decor hanging from John's grandma.  She made this Santa sign, and she also made stockings for all the kids and grand-kids (and great grand-kids when they came along.)  John has the stocking she made when he was born at his parents' house, but she made this one for him last year after he was accepted into the fire academy (August 2016), and she passed away in early October 2016, so this is the last one she ever made.  It's pretty special, and I think that's what decor should really be about.

This is John's village.  Yep, it's the scenes from A Christmas Story, his favorite movie.  He got them from his mom for Christmas last year, and this year he's getting all the rest of them from his mom and dad.  (Pricey freaking gift, these things are $$.)  He doesn't read my blog so it's okay that I say that, I'm not ruining the surprise.  They're currently set up on our bar cart, but I have no idea if they'll all still fit when he gets the full set.  They also perfectly match his:

Yep, the leg lamp!  It's on a table in our front window so you can see it from the street.

Our last bit of decor is our stockings, hanging off our TV stand because we don't have a fireplace.  I don't love them (they're from Target) but they'll do for now until I find ones I really want.

Oh, and our fake poinsettia.

And there you have it, our relatively minimal Christmas decor.  What does Christmas look like in your home - fancy matching tree or mismatched sentimental tree?

P.S. I wanted to take a minute to mention that I will be out of the (blog) office next week.  I did a poll on Twitter to see if anyone had an opinion on whether I should finish out the year, or take that week off (Dec. 25 - Dec. 29) to relax and get ready for 2018 and literally 100% of people said to just take it off.  So that's what I'm doing!

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