A Day in the Life of Hawkeye

Good morning everyone!  It's Hawkeye, and I'm here to tell you about how hard my daily life is.  It's exhausting being me.

Let's start with the night before though, because my schedule is different if John's is different.  He's not always home at night so I have to improvise.  If he's home, I make sure to stake out my spot in the bed so mom has no room.  She always pushes me into the middle though.  Sometimes I'll leave and go to my water bed.  If John's not in the bed, I get his whole side to myself and I stretch out all night.

Sometimes, John doesn't come home at night though.  He goes to fight fires and then we comes home the next morning.  I like that too because then we get to nap for three more hours and mom has to leave and go to work so I don't have to share.

But even if John isn't home... I still nap.  All day.  I love naps.  I let mom feed me breakfast in the morning, and then she gives me duck jerky before she finally leaves for work.  I like to bark at the neighbor dogs for awhile, but I fall back asleep pretty quick.

Even though it means I have to wake up, I get to go for a walk every day, and I love going for walks.  When it's nice out, we go in the morning and when mom gets home from work.

On the days we walk too far, like to go to Joey's house, I get to ride in the stroller and I love the stroller.  Every house should have a dog stroller.

I play with Joey when we get to his house but then we all take another nap.

But sometimes we just walk over to the bar, and the bar is my favorite thing because I get my own chair and water and a cookie.  And everyone pets me.

Once we finally get home, I get dinner and then humans get dinner.  And we eat in the basement and watch TV, and I eat their food too.  And then we cuddle.  But the blanket is just mine.

And pretty soon, it's time for bed again!  My life is very hard, days are long, guys.

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