Wednesday, January 3, 2018

And 18 Ways I'm Complicating It

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Yesterday I posted about the 18 ways I'll be simplifying my life in 2018.  But I definitely recognize that it's not all going to be smooth sailing this year - there's just as many things that I'll be complicating this year.  On purpose.  Crazy, I know.

  1. Shopping Ban.  So I mentioned yesterday that my shopping ban would appear on both of these lists.  It'll obviously simplify my shopping habits and finances, but it is going to complicate my life.  There's so many times I spend out of habit, without thinking, and I'm going to need to be much more mindful of things like that.  I'll also have to get creative when it comes to things like road tripping to Iowa and going to street tests in the summer here.  It'll be worth it, but it won't be as convenient as whipping out the credit card.
  2. My Diet and Meals.  I also had minimalist eating and my diet on my list of things I'll be simplifying, but there's no denying that my year of healthy is going to mean that I'll be cooking at home way more often.  And removing certain foods from my diet will simplify it, yes, but it will also complicate it in that I'll need a new system for meal planning and I'll need to study up on vegan nutrition a bit more.
  3. New 101 in 1001 List.  During the process of the second 101 list, I wasn't sure I wanted to take on a third.  But at the end of the day, it really does push me to get so much more done than I would have without it.  The third one begins April 1 and it's going to complicate my life not only in having new goals to tackle, but it finalizing a new set of 101 items.  It's worth it though!
  4. Green Skincare/Makeup Switch.  I really want all my products to be not only cruelty free, which they are, but also all green and 'natural.'  Natural is in quotes because, like, arsenic is natural too and so is cat pee.  So you know what I mean.  I'm looking for clean ingredients and clean packaging, which is going to take quite a bit of searching.
  5. DIY Products.  I'm also going to be making a lot more DIY versions of things.  Besides in the kitchen (bread and dried beans), I'll also be making our own hand soap and other things.  It will be harder and less convenient in the moment, but in the long run it'll be so much better for us.
  6. House to Home Project.  There will be more about this next week, but 2018 is also my year of 'house to home.'  I don't really decorate but even beyond that, there's more to be done to make this place homey, like finally getting some furniture and finishing projects.
  7. Stop Hiring Out.  Obviously with the shopping ban and healthy eating, hiring out in terms of food is out.  But I'm also including other things that we would spend money on.  It's not officially part of the shopping ban, since John is still free to spend his money as he pleases this year, but we did decide not to bother anymore with things he occasionally pays for, like dry cleaning, hair cuts, and shoe shines.  Which means I do all these things instead.  I don't mind, it saves money and it's better for the environment, but it does complicate things.
  8. Celebrate Holidays.  I love holidays, all of them.  Last year we just didn't do as much as we normally do, and this year, I'll be thinking of a way to celebrate every single one of my favorites.
  9. Sports Betting.  A random one, but it's true!  I took 2017 off from most of the things I generally do - Super Bowl squares, March Madness, the Derby, an NFL pick em league, and more - in order to simplify my commitments last year.  I still played fantasy football but I realized I missed all the rest and it's not worth giving up.  Now, you might be thinking that this is against my shopping ban rules, but I won money in fantasy this year, enough that it'll cover all my 2018 bets.  It's fun, what can I say?
  10. Using a (Blog) Paper Planner.  One way I simplified my life last year, and will continue into this year, is to not use a paper planner.  I do everything digitally.  I do most blog things digitally as well, but when I'm writing out a schedule and jotting down ideas, there's something about writing that makes me feel creative.  I got a Plum Paper for it.
  11. Tracking Spending/Purchases and Budgeting.  It's been a long time since I've tracked spending, since we live under our means it's just not necessary.  But even if it's 'approved spending' this year, like toilet paper, I still want to track all purchases and all spending just to see where the money goes all year long.  I also haven't made a budget in a long time, and I'll like to get back to that.
  12. Posting More to Instagram.  Ignoring Twitter is on my simplify list, but Instagram is going on the complicated list, because I plan on posting more this year.  I'm really bad at it usually, but my parents are getting me a new phone soon (thanks mom and dad!) as my belated Christmas gift, which means I'll have a nice camera again!
  13. Shopping in Person.  I want to try to use cash as much as possible.  That means no online shopping.  That is my goal at least!  I'm surrounded by stores so honestly, online shopping is sheer laziness on my part.
  14. Wearing Jewelry.  I hate how lazy I've gotten about wearing any jewelry.  In 2017 I mastered painting my nails weekly, and since I'm going to simplify my morning makeup routine, there's no reason why I can't remember to put jewelry on in the morning.  Nothing crazy, I don't even have many pieces, but a simple necklace each day isn't so much to ask.
  15. Get All My Check Ups.  Ask me if I went to anyone but the dentist in 2017.  Go ahead.  Hint: nope.  I know.  Okay, I went to the dermatologist once.  I didn't even go to the eye doctor and by the way, I wear contacts and they only gave me a year's supply... in August 2016.  I suck.  (In my defense, my dad is a doctor and I didn't get sick or hurt!)
  16. Using the Library More.  The best kind of complication if you ask me!  There will be no buying or renting of e-books, so it's going to mean more trips to the library and more searching of the stacks, just for fun.  Totally worth it.
  17. Going More Zero Waste.  We've done much better in terms of trash, it's quite minimal, but I do have areas in mind that we can improve on.  The thing that takes away is convenience, but really, your convenience shouldn't matter, that's not the point of zero waste.
  18. Hosting at Home.  Jury is still out on how I feel about hosting more holidays this year, but I am going to make an effort to have people over more, just for snacks and cocktails after work.  I like doing it, but it does complicate things just to make sure we have things on hand and keep the house clean.

Anything going to make your life more complicated in 2018?

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