Awesome Things I Will Never Do

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I love reading everyone else's goals and resolutions posts.  It's inspiring, and I especially love seeing ones that are totally different than mine because it gives such insight into people and their lives.  Even though I often use posts like that for inspiration for my own, there's definitely goals I've seen that I love, but won't ever be adding to my own list.

Awesome things I've seen on other lists that will never be on my own:

Garden.  This one pains me, I wish I could make it work for my life.  I'm not really into flowers, to be honest, but growing our own food would be amazing... and hard.  I can't keep any plant alive and do you know how hard it is to grow edible food in Chicago?  You really have to know what you're doing and you have to work on it a lot and I just don't have that level of desire to figure it all out.  I don't like the outdoors.

Skydive.  I'm healthy afraid of heights and planes (to the point where I won't fly any more.)  Tara has gone skydiving and makes it looks super cool, but it's definitely one of those 'good for you, not for me' sort of goals.

Live in a Tiny House.  I freaking love tiny houses, don't get me wrong.  If I was on my own with Hawkeye, we'd thrive in a tiny house.  6'3" John, however, wouldn't even be able to lay down in one. So sadly, tiny houses are out for us.  But if you plan on living in one or something like an RV, let me know because I will follow your journey every day!

Overseas Travel.  I live vicariously through pictures.  I have been to India but I don't ever want to do it again, and not just for the flying reason.  Overseas travel is just something I've never wanted to do - in fact, when my Latin class went to Rome senior year of high school, I begged and pleaded with my parents not to make me go.  Who turns down a free (well my parents would have paid) week long trip to Italy?  This girl.  Everything about it is not for me, it's too stressful and I hate being that far from home for that long.  There is zero percent chance (which I base on experience of having been to Germany and India) that I would ever relax and enjoy myself.

Start a Business.  Some people love being their own bosses, which I admire.  I know a ton of bloggers who made a career out of it and other friends who have success on Etsy, etc.  But I like having a steady paycheck and working 40 hours.  And not having to be responsible about all the overhead stuff like renting an office, hiring people, corporation taxes, and on and on.  Some people are leaders and some are show up and work worker bees and I'm totally fine being a worker bee!

Buy a Storage Unit.  Not to keep stuff in, but like storage auctions.  You know the show Storage Wars?  Well people go buy them all the time, and they post about it on YouTube.  I love watching those videos, seriously.  It's fascinating to see what they find in there, and how they make a profit from it, but I just cannot attempt that myself.  The clutter would give me a heart attack.

Get Another Dog.  While Hawkeye is alive, which, by the way, will be forever.  She cannot handle a sibling, we know.  Some dogs are just meant to be only children, and she's one of them.  She loves going to play with my parents' dog, Joey, and has fun chasing Tara's dog, Beau, around the house when he comes to visit, but she gets upset when they don't go away at night.  It is what it is, we're a one dog house!

What are some things you've been seeing on goals lists that you have no intention of ever trying?

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