How I Actually Relax

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Well yesterday I posted about the time wasters I avoid, which included a lot of things that other people would generally considering 'relaxing,' like watching TV.  Just because I avoid those certain time wasters doesn't mean I never relax though!  I don't think you can be productive all the time, that's how you get burnt out.  The brain needs time to rest and reset, and so does the body.  So if I'm not lying on the couch each evening watching 2 hours of TV, how do I actually relax?

Hobbies.  You have to make sure your hobbies aren't just another source of work or stress.  My hobbies are this blog (which isn't work or stressful to me, I enjoy doing it) and helping other people organize.  At least, those are two that came to mind right away.  Although they are productive hobbies, and I'm accomplishing something doing them, they're still totally relaxing for me in that I can forget about whatever else is going on and concentrate on what I'm doing in the present.

YouTube Videos.  These can definitely be a time waster for some, but for me I feel like I can relax while actually learning something (or getting blog ideas for myself!)  Truth be told, I never just sit and watch videos and do nothing else, but I do put them on while I'm cooking or cleaning, but it's still relaxing to have that background sound.  I never get sucked into watching video after video, but just a few once in awhile.

Planned Movie or TV Watching.  I already mentioned that I never watch anything without a plan in mind, but we do relax at home sometimes with a planned date night of movie watching (or a TV show.)  But we definitely have something picked out ahead of time, like every summer when we watch the newest Sharknado.

Painting My Nails.  I've gotten really good at painting my nails this year (I used to get them done), to the point where it's actually relaxing to do them.  I take my time and concentrate on the task at hand, pun intended, so my brain has time to shut off from thinking about everything else, like work or my to do list.  If I have something I'm currently watching on Netflix, I use this time to put an episode on in the background.

Reading and/or Audiobooks.  Reading is my ultimate way to relax because time drifts away and I have absolutely no clue what's happening in the real world around me.  I'll get motion sickness if I read on the train or in a car, so I have to have audiobooks for those times.  Which is fine by me, because I love celebrity autobiographies and they are 1000x better to listen to when they're read by the celebrity themselves.

Play with Hawkeye.  You can't be thinking about other things when the dog needs your full attention.  We'll go for long walks, play in the yard, find a dog park, or sometimes just head over to the bar around the corner that allows dogs.  She sits on a stool and gets a little cup of water and dog biscuit, it's adorable.  And sometimes playing with Hawkeye leads to napping with Hawkeye so... everyone wins.

How do you relax?

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