Monday, January 1, 2018

January Health Goal and State of the Blog

And just like that, it's 2018.  It's funny how that happens, the simple turnover of a minute bouncing us into an entirely new year.  Now, I thought the new year starting last year on a Sunday was pretty glorious, but it's nothing compared to the 1st being on a Monday.  It's all my favorite productivity timings in one - new year, new month, new week, a Monday.  Even though I'm out of the office today... at least it's still productivity on the home front.  I hope you're off of work today as well.

But I'm still blogging, so I hope you're still reading.  I did take all of last week off, and I really enjoyed the break.  I'm ready to be back at it though because I have lots of goals to share and blogging about them keeps me accountable.  Today is obviously the first of this type of post, but I plan on starting every month like this, with these goal update posts.  On the first week day of each month, whenever that falls - it's Monday, April 2, Wednesday, August 1, you get the idea.  Unless it's a Thursday, because I don't plan on missing anything Three on Thursday posts.  So let's jump in to what's lined up for January.


I think later in the year I might try something else diet related, but given (a) my overall word of the year 'healthy' and (b) the holiday associated crap I consumed in December, I figured spending January concentrating on eating totally clean for the month would be the best place to start.  Completely clean eating, especially being vegetarian/mostly vegan, requires a lot of planning and a lot of time in the kitchen, which is really why I wanted to break down this whole 'healthy' thing into monthly chucks.  I can spend my energy this month concentrating on just my diet, get the hang of that, and then move on to add something else in February (I'm thinking exercise, and if you're wondering if I assigned exercise to February because it's the shortest month, welp, you know me so well.)

So what does a clean eating diet mean for me in particular?  No meat or dairy (which is typical for me, other than the fact that I like cheese on occasion, but I already haven't touched cheese since before Halloween so I'm not concerned), no added sugar (also not super difficult though I did cave on Christmas and eat one of those chocolate and peppermint Ghiardelli squares, but other than that no sugar or fake sugar since before Halloween), and no processed foods - there's the hard one.  I'm concentrating on vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, and healthy grains like quinoa.  If you have any recipes to share, let me know in the comments.  In the next post like this, I'll go over how well I did and add any go to recipes of my own.


  • Assess the ending of the 101 in 1001 list, get some things done, and continue planning the next list.  My time frame comes to an end just before the 1st of May, and I'd like to check as many things off as possible before then, which requires some planning.  I also want to start a new list on April 1. 
  • Use the treadmill 15 times.  Since it'll be too cold to go outside, I feel like this is a fair number based on what I've already been doing.
  • Declutter the kitchen.  I'm planning a 'house to home' series for the blog and concentrating on one area each month.  I'll have more on this in a couple weeks, but obviously, I'm starting kitchen.
  • Organize the kitchen.  Once the declutter is done, I'd like to re-organize and fix any little issues that bug me (i.e. how we store baking pans.)


I posted about my shopping ban for 2018 just before Christmas, you can review that here.  Today marks day one of no spending, so I have no update to report.  I hope the update at the beginning of February is equally as quiet!


  • Snow!  Hopefully.  I love snow.
  • John's furlough.  Yep, again.  They get 3 furloughs a year (17 paid days off in a row) and John's this year happen to be the very first 3, back to back, so he's off from January 4th until mid to late February or so.  Crazy.
  • My Mom's birthday.  She doesn't like to celebrate much but this is a big one and she's also scheduled for hip surgery right after it, so we are celebrating whether she likes it or not.
  • Minimal plans.  January is one of my favorite months because I spend more time at home, which I really enjoy.  I get so much done around the house and I actually get time to relax.  I didn't have nearly enough days off around the holidays so I need a couple free weekends to myself.


Having finished my entire 2018 editorial calendar back in early October, I can, in fact, tell you what's coming from here through December.  But let's just stick with (some of) January:

  • Ways I'm Both Simplifying and Complicating My Life in 2018
  • Frugal Living Ideas To Try This Year
  • Monthly Decluttering Project: Kitchen
  • Monthly Organizing Project: Also the Kitchen
  • Simplified Guide to Meal Planning and Prep
  • Things I Do and Don't Believe In
  • Why You Fail New Year's Goals and How to Fix It
  • Popular Money Saving Tips That Just Didn't Work For Me
  • Three on Thursdays 
  • and plenty more because I blog 5 days a week

Happy New Year, everyone!  What are you looking forward to seeing here this month?  What goals are you setting for yourself, if any?

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